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Zine Entry #8

Zine Entry #8



Well  with a little help from y’all, I figured out that I have been thinking wrong (that’s not unusual).  I have been under the impression that I had to put something on the website on a, just about everyday basis, that dealt directly with Calbayog City.  My biggest error was that thinking anything would do.  Well I no longer believe this to be true.  Of course I need to add as much information about Calbayog City as I can and try to be the best source of information for the city, but my journal or diary type posts don’t seem to be the way to do it.  You may have noticed a slight change in what represents a “feature” post now.  Only items dealing completely with and about Calbayog City are used in that section now.  The posts that I have been putting up there I refer to as my “Journal” posts now and they are just regular posts, given no special attention.  I hope that by doing this it will somehow help me with the Google rankings and make the website more visible to everyone in the world.  There are at least 3 items on my to do list of things to add for the feature item, but they all need further research at this time.  Some of the places that I need to go to are closed for the Holy Week, but I will get to work on 1 or 2 of them on 1 April.

Lita Chicken chopper

Maybe you noticed my new ad on the website.  It’s an Amazon ad and it is located below the Popular Posts.  I tried a few different versions of the Amazon ads and this is the one that looked the best to me.  This one let me put “Philippines” in as a default search, but you can just type in whatever you want if you are searching for something unrelated to the Philippines.  I’m hoping that this ad will increase my income for the blog, and it probably will, I doubt it will be much, but every little bit will be helpful.

I finally found my CD to re-install my webcam.  I did get it re-installed so now I need to be sure to put the CD in a place that I will not lose this time.  I found it stuck to my old motherboard CD.  So my webcam works again in case someone wants to see my ugly  handsome mug.  I know my mom and dad always ask about that webcam.

Joan and Neneng

For some reason unbeknownst to us, the sign out front of the Ciriaco Hotel shattered.  Lita was outside when it happened but she only heard the noise and saw the aftermath.  It’s a good thing it was safety glass.  Some of the workers came out and placed all the glass in a bucket and hauled it off.

Speaking of the Ciriaco, they are having a job fair there on April 4th and 5th.  Juvic is thinking about attending, but I don’t know if anyone else will be going.  It’s just for jobs at the Ciriaco, so not a true Job Fair in the sense that we know in the US.  Here is the information that I “borrowed” from Rick Smith’s Facebook page.

Ciriaco Job Fair

Another reminder for that guest post I did for Live in the Philippines.  If you want to check it out it’s at:

For any Expat that will be in the Calbayog City area, this is a reminder of my first Expat get together on 12 April, 6pm.  At my house, across from the Ciriaco Hotel.

Salamat, Y’all


  1. Howdy UJ,
    You ole dawg you, hell you haven’t been thinking wrong..they just don’t speak or understand Texan :-). Wish I was there for your first expat get together…dang it!!. But alas, stuck here in Oklahoma till April 30th, then it’s wheels up, bound for Cavite..yeeeehaaaaaaaa!!! Now take care ya’ll and have few local beers for me :-).

    • Well I wish you were going to be here too. We might be the only ones. I’ll have at least 1/2 liter of Red Horse for you. I hope you like the stronger beer and it will be enough for you.

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