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Calbayog City Music Museum

Calbayog City Music Museum



Last week when I was in the downtown Calbayog City area to pick up a brochure about the tourist attractions for the city from the tourism office, I found out something interesting.  I found out a little bit of history about the Calbayog City tourism building.  As I was leaving the tourism office, I noticed that to my right there was a museum looking place.  Of course I forgot my camera again, but I figured I would go in and look around.  If it was interesting enough, I would come back with my camera at a later day. Well it turns out it was interesting enough.  It is a museum for musicians that are from Calbayog City.  Now that doesn’t seem like it should be very many, but it sure surprised me.  Take a look at the picture below.

Calbayog Tourism Office

The area on your left side of the door is the music museum and the right side is the tourism office.  I wish I had a better copy of the Tourism Office, but I forgot to take a picture of it before I left and this was the only one large enough to use as a feature picture that I could find on the internet.

Well it seems that this building use to be the jail in Calbayog City.  The museum side was the Provincial Jail and the tourism side was the City Jail.  I had always noticed the bars on the windows, but many places have bars on the windows here, so I didn’t think of that being anything special.  Now this part did seem a little strange to me because it’s opposite as to how they do it in the US.  The jail area is on the first floor, but the police department was upstairs on the second floor.  Just seems to me that should be the other way around.  Maybe it is at the new jail, I don’t know.

Through the center doors there is a hallway.  Straight back and to the left is where they had the holding cell.  All the way back is where the interrogation room was located.

Holding Cell











Interrogation Office









So, as I stated earlier, the museum is for musicians of Calbayog City.  I went through there and took a picture of, I think, every display they have in there, plus pictures of the guys that operate the place.  The guy in the first picture is Danny.  I remember him because he gave me his calling card.  The second guy, I forget his name.  I should have written it down, but I didn’t.  They were both helpful to me, especially Danny though.  He is the one that told me about the history of the building.

Danny Erencio









Employee at Calbayog City Music Museum









There are 2 rooms to the museum and these first 3 pictures are from the second smaller room.

Calbayog City Music Museum - Room 2 wall









Reynaldo Obong









Francisco Morilao









The next 6 pictures are all in the first room.  You just sign in when you arrive and you can look and take as many pictures as you want.

Center of first room









Side wall behind sign in table









In front door to the right









Side wall before going in Room 2









Back wall as you walk in









Back wall to the right









So if you want to know something about the rich music history of Calbayog City, stop by and check it out.  I think that just the sheer number of people from this area will astound you enough.

For some reason these pictures would not line up side by side like I do at times.  As long as they all get in there for y’all to see, it’s okay with me though.




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