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Joy’s Bakeshop and Food Haus

Joy’s Bakeshop and Food Haus



Location: Corner of Gomez St. & Gelera St.

Telephone:  209-1126

Joys Bakeshop Food Haus - sign & entrance

Joys Bakeshop Food Haus - outside patio

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  1. I see they sell torta. Is that the omelet like dish that has ground meat inside? My mom used to make that, but the picture on the sign looks different.

    • Torta is like a bigger version of puto-puto,like a mini muffin, torta like a full size muffin.

      • I will have a picture of a torta in the post coming out at 0800 (PI time) tomorrow. I also have new updated pictures of things downtown.

  2. My wife and I have been to Joys a few times but we like Julies bakery
    better,we stop by there everytime we are in the city.Very friendly girls working there.

  3. Your ND photo is Mang Inasals menu not Joy’s, We do buy at Joy’s wife and I love the bibingka, and the flying saucers there, their egg pie,custard, is not over sweet, I like it that way, their puto-puto and Torta on par with most others I have tried in town. Their brownies are pretty good too. Quite a few bakerys between Joy’s and our Place but we keep going back the extra distance.

    • I knew that. Just checking to see if people were paying attention.

      • Oh ok. I missed it. Thanks for saying something. I see now that I take a longer look. The one I deleted because the picture was fuzzy was the one for Joy’s.

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