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My Bad, I Caused the Brown Out

My Bad, I Caused the Brown Out


Okay, I confess that it’s possible.  The brown out that we had this past Tuesday morning from 0625 to 0645 was probably my fault.  How could it possibly be my fault, you might be asking yourself?  Well it’s probably because I can’t keep my big mouth shut or rather to be more accurate, in this case, I couldn’t make my fingers do what my mind was thinking.  Since I’m told that I should not reveal the meat of a story too early for fear that people will turn away after they find out what they were curious about, I’m going to first give you a little background on what happen and what I was thinking when the lights did come back on at 0645.  I hope it will be interesting enough for y’all to stick around until you find out what this post is all about.

When that power came back on, it came back on with authority.  What I mean is, it came back on with lots of power.  For some reason, one of the first things that popped into my mind at the time was, maybe Samelco finally repaired a problem that will eliminate or at least limit the constant power fluxes we get.  Sure it’s a strange thing to just pop into your head, but maybe I was hoping so much that all these power problems will go away, my mind just reverted to that.  In my mind it has been taken care of until I experience another noticeable flux.  I guess I should wait until after several fluxes before I doubt it though, because maybe there is some adjusting to do.  Whatever.  For now the problem is fixed, and will stayed fixed until my mind gives in to reality.

As we all know, or at least probably most of us know, the power here in the Philippines is 220 volts.  Well according to George, the commenter George on this site, the power here in Calbayog City fluctuates between about 190 to about 290 depending on the time of day and the number of active users.  George has a voltage regulator hooked up at his house and can monitor the power when he gets curious.  He was pretty amazed that there is such a large gap there.  I was pretty amazed when he told me too, but it is not so totally unbelievable given some of the things I have seen and heard around here.

—–Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.

When I am sitting here in the computer room with the fans running, which is all the time the power is up, I can hear the fans when they ‘shift gears’.  When the power fluxes low the fans slow down.  When it goes back up, the fans speed up.  I haven’t noticed any difference in 220 and say 280, but I don’t listen for that.  As long as the fans are running powerful enough to generate sufficient air flow, that’s ‘cool’ for me.  I’m just glad when they are working well enough to keep me, and especially my computer, cool.

Okay so what does all this have to do with it possibly being my fault of the latest brownout?  Well for anyone who has been reading this blog, they may remember that very recently I said that the brown outs are ‘not so common’ anymore.  Of course shortly after that, poof, brown out.  However, if the purpose of this brown out was to fix the power surges, it was well worth the wait and the small inconvenience to have to use a portable battery operated fan.

As for it being my fault, well it probably wasn’t, but it made a good and curious title for this post.  When I put that ‘not so common’ in that other story, my mind didn’t want to do it.  It tried to make my fingers not type it, but my fingers were just bound and determined to do it, so they did.  And I couldn’t make my fingers go back and delete it later either.

I’ll keep you up to date on the power situation here.  I hope to not be reporting anymore brownouts or even power fluxes.  I hope that you stay brown out and flux free also.

Texan in the Philippines