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An Update on Vote Buying

An Update on Vote Buying


In the aftermath of the polls, so many people are complaining that, despite the rampant vote-buying there was everywhere prior and even during the elections, they were not able to receive any amount from the so-called generous candidates, though they were expecting and, in fact, waiting for it.

It being the present trend, vote-buying has permeated the recent Philippine society such that even the most moneyed, and those with strong moralistic principles, have now given way and have become open to this scheme though they hate to admit they are selling their votes.

Call it as some kind of incentive that they deserve for exerting effort in going to the voting centers, in lining up under the scorching sun, and in casting their votes in excessively warm, dusty rooms where the chairs are too small one could hardly move on it.

Another deemed monetary-deserving action is the fact that these voters, rich or poor, are undeniably compelled to shell out money from their pockets, say, in buying heavy breakfast that could sustain their energy in lining up under the sun, in buying soap and shampoo to bath well before proceeding to the polling centers, in riding pedicabs or jeepneys to get to the polls, and in buying mineral water to ward off the heat while falling in long lines in front of the voting precincts.

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