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Zine Entry #24

Zine Entry #24



Yes I know it has been awhile since I have done a post, but not much has been happening recently.  Now that it is rainy season, we don’t get out as much as during summer.  I think I have plenty to talk about for this post though.  The first 2 pictures though are about the only ones I have left over from Mar Yanne’s wedding.  I figured I go ahead and put them in there so I won’t have to worry about them anymore.

First lets get something out of the way that you should know already.  I did another video.  I went downtown and and walked the entire length of Navarro St and video taped the whole street.  You can view it at this location, if you want to see it.  I will be doing some of the other streets also, but I have to wait until it stops raining.  I wanted to do 2 of them this week, but according to the weather report, it may not stop raining until next week.  Heck we might not see the sun until Friday and today is Monday.  According to one report that I saw online, the lowest percentage chance for rain this week is 70%.  A couple of the percentages were 100%, so I’m pretty sure that we will have rain all week.

Bride & Mother

Bride-Groom-Maid of Honor-Best Man

Samantha can walk pretty good now.  We let her walk on the table where it is easy to grab her when she loses her balance, but she does it alone.  Of course, she tries to go too fast, so we don’t let her go very far on the the ground because it’s all concrete around here.

Well I have once again proved that the chairs in the Philippines are not made as well as the chairs in the US.  Yep, that right, I had another chair crash while I was sitting in it.  I know that I’m not the smallest person in the world, but I’m sure not the largest either.  Heck I’ve seen Filipino guys larger than me.  Anyway, my computer chair crashed while I was sitting in it.  Of course I splattered all over the floor.   It sure would have been something to have on video and sent in to World’s Funniest Home Videos.  I laid there on the floor for a few minutes, not because I was hurt, because I wasn’t, but because I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or not.  Lita said she heard the crash, but she did not get up to investigate.  She said she thought I was just smashing another one of those big water bugs (the big roaches) again.   Seems to me that the chair crashing would make more noise, but I guess I have hit the table pretty hard in the past.

Poppa waiting on his coffee

broken computer chair

The chair was already falling apart anyway.  It would not go up and down anymore and 2 of the bolts were missing from under the chair.  What gave way though was 2 of the 5 wheels on the bottom.  It’s hard to see in the picture because this new camera doesn’t take good night time photos, but if you notice the 3 wheels showing, there should be 2 more like that there.   So far since I’ve been here, and 35-40 pounds lighter than in Texas, I have broken 2 stools and now this chair.  I think another chair cracked on me and was thrown out, but at least it didn’t just cave in.  We plan to get a couple of chairs made for the dining room, maybe the guy knows how to make computer chairs too.

George Bowdler

Larry Jackson

On Saturday, 15 Jun, we went to Larry Jackson’s birthday party.  There were more people there then I expected, so I got to meet a few more expats.   I took pictures of all of some of the, but I missed out on others.  I missed on Scott Torres.  He was the youngest of us there, he said he was only 38 and he probably was, he looked it.  He works here as a computer technician and he says he’s the best on the island.  He put his phone number in my phone just in case I needed his assistance, so if I have a problem I can’t handle, I’ll be sure to give him a call.

I also missed taking the picture of the retired CIA guy there.  Heck I can’t even remember his name, but I did talk to him for a little while there.  He is not a big talker, at least he wasn’t there.  I guess with that CIA training you learn to keep your mouth shut.  He was a nice guy though.  I hope to meet him again next time and learn his name then, plus get a picture of him.

The last one I remember missing on taking a picture of is Katz.  I guess that is how you spell his name.  He is from Guam and I believe retired Navy.  He will probably be someone that I will be seeing a lot of in the future.  If you are retiring here, you might be seeing him also.  I’ll explain all that later, probably the next post.

Warren , I think

Thomas , I think

A couple of the guys I got pictures of, I think I got their names right, but of course y’all know by now, I forget lots of things.  If I’m wrong and you know I’m wrong, please correct me.

I did get to meet Pete the local RAO (Retiree Activity Office) representative.  He was the one that I heard would be there and was looking forward to asking him a few questions.  I did find out some information from him and I plan to find out more information from him soon.  I will be telling you most of the information I already learned in the next post.  Other information I find out later I will pass on to you also.  Pete has been here for about 18 years, but will be leaving soon.   More on that later too.

The wives of George, John & Larry

George & Pete

At the party I limited myself to either 6 or 7 of the small San Miguels (I lost count).  I did have some potato salad and chili mac, a couple of things I don’t have on a regular basis.  Of course I did have some chicken, fried and like a barbeque roasted type.  Both were very good.

After returning from the party and around 6:30pm a transformer blew next to us.  We did not lose our lights, but the Ciriaco Hotel did.  That’s about opposite of what normally happens.  Usually when only 1 of us loses, it’s us.  I thought it was funny, but I didn’t want say too much.  The karma might come back to bite me.

Well in the next post I will talk about some of the things that I talked about with Pete and I will also let you know about the pregnancy of one of my nieces here.

Salamat, Y’all









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