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Zine Entry #42 – Heading Home (Again)

Zine Entry #42 – Heading Home (Again)



If you recall, at the end of the last zine post, Zine Entry #41 – Fields Ave, I had just finished up my first night time trip to the famous Fields Ave in Angeles.  That was last Friday night and it is now Sunday, 11 Aug.  We are still waiting to get a flight out of the Philippines to get our balikbayan stamp.  I had already learned to call the night before a flight to make sure that the flights are still going and still taking on passengers, but today I learned to expand on that lesson.  I called and was told that due to the incoming typhoon, that the flight scheduled for tomorrow, had left this morning.  It did have 7 available seats and only 2 passengers were there for the seats.  The new lesson is therefore to call EVERY night when trying to get a Space A flight out.  You just never know what is going to happen.  Another missed opportunity, but a valuable lesson learned.

I was however informed that in 2 more days there would be 2 flights with a potential of a total of 13 seats.  Well since we just narrowly missed a recent flight and I found out that we are the #1 people in Category 6, we decided to stay the extra 2 days to give those flights a chance.  This would have to be our last try though.  Anything more time after this would take up too much of our money and even if we did get a flight out, we might be stuck on the other end and never get back.

Pool table at Horizonhill (with comments)

So, following the new lesson I just learned, I called on Monday night.  No change in the flights.  I called on Tuesday night and there was still no change, except the planes were normally suppose to be there by now, and were not.   I called again later that night, as per Mr. Corrigan, and the planes still had not shown up.  That means that now there would be no flights for Wednesday.  We just stayed there an extra 2 days for nothing.  Of course this whole Space A thing out of Clark has been a good/bad experience for us.  The next flight is not until Saturday and we just afford to wait that long.

So the money that we were going to use at the other end, we decided to get it and spend part of it here to bring things back to Calbayog with us.  We also needed to go get another 1 month extension because our legal status here runs out on 27 Aug 2013.  In addition to that we also decided to stay one more night in Angeles to get things down and not rush things.  We could have done it all in a day, but why?  We would just worry about things next month, although we would have to do it with less money.   Unless of course we get our Nissan sold, then we’d have the money to do many of the things that are eluding us these days.

VFW Post 2485 - Angeles

I did have a much better time on this trip than last month, mostly thanks to Gary B.  Some good news is that I will be able to make all my fantasy football drafts now.  Of course getting this visa thing done is far more important.  Maybe this is one of those things that happened for a reason.  I guess we will see.

I’m going to condense a lot of the things that happen here instead of spreading it out.  I need to get caught up on my notes.

We went by the Immigration Office again, but could not get another extension without also getting an I-Card.  Not an option because we don’t have enough money for that right now.  I did find out that the travel agency in the Horizonhill Hotel has an immigration section.  We could have gotten the extension done there, but it’s still the same for the I-Card.  I decided it would be best to come back home and talk with Randy Mendoza here.  He is in a small immigration office for expats here.  I just recently found out about him myself.  Were just putting things off, hoping for the best later.

Horizonhill Daily/Weekly/Monthly rates (with comments)

So in Angeles we get on a bus that we have not used before, and never will again.  We ended up at the back of the bus and people had luggage in the aisle all the way back.  Also the last row of seats were on a little elevated platform.  That wasn’t so bad, except for once when we hit a big bump.  I was so close to the ceiling that I smashed my head on the top of the bus and it bent my neck.  I think I’m lucky I didn’t break my neck.  The rest of the ride was spent preparing myself for every bump and getting my hand up to block myself from slamming on the top again.  In addition to the bumps, Lita could not find one of our bags.  It had her bagoong in there and the salsa that I bought.  She stressed and moaned about that dang bag just about the whole trip.  It turns out that it was on the bus, but it was under the bus with another piece of our luggage.  I couldn’t wait to get off that bus.

One tired little boy (with comments)

After we finally got home, I had to go relax.  I was so worn out and my neck was hurting.  I waited 3 days before finally heading out to the local immigration office.  Juvic was suppose to go with me, but she changed her mind at the last minute.  I didn’t know how to get to the sport center complex (where the Immigration Office is).  The tricycle driver knew, but he had no idea about the Immigration Office.  So I wandered around asking people (half of which acted like they didn’t understand me) for about 15 minutes.  Some people kept staring at me walking back and forth.  Finally I figured it out.

When you arrive at the sports complex, the main entrance is to the right.  Don’t go that way.  Go on the outside and to the left.  You will see another opening there which is not easy to see from the gate and there are no signs hanging up.  Just as soon as you find that opening, the Immigration Office is to your right, right inside the door.  Be sure to bring your passport and ID with you.  I didn’t have my passport and he couldn’t help me much with what I wanted.

View of Allen shore line from ferry

Next Zine I will let you know what we ended up doing to resolve our little problem.  It was not my first choice, but as it turns out, was probably our best choice at the time.  I sure hope that we both learned things from these past adventures that we will never forget.

Salamat, Y’all




  1. Hi John, I visit your site often and enjoy your blog. I’m just not one who posts much but will try harder! I enjoy the videos too!

    • Howdy Heidi. I’m sure that there are plenty of people like you that do not really post that much, but it is nice to hear from time to time. I did install a counter, although it is not visible to y’all. It does show that plenty of people are visiting. Well I just put it on yesterday afternoon and I have over 200 visitors. Not a large amount, but I think it’s enough for me to continue the blog. I might make a small change and not type the long posts anymore, but sometimes I get to typing and just keep going, so we’ll see on that. I should do what I wanted to do a while back and mix the long posts with some short ones.
      I still have a couple of pages of notes from my last adventure to Angeles so I think I’ll put those in later today. Not much else going on around here so I’ll have to make something happen to have some interesting things for y’all to read.
      I should have my new camera/video next week, so I can finish the streets downtown that I want to do. There are a few new places to be sure to get in there.

  2. No posts from you, are you still around?

    • Still here. Just seem really uninterested these days. Seems like even when I do write things, I rarely get a comment anymore, so I’m not sure how many people are actually reading. Maybe I should put the counter back on, so I can see how many actually visit. Maybe that will get me excited about this blog again.

  3. Big John, been following your Zine’s about your immigration. I plan on getting the ACR card, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. And as we near the end of our first year, we are just thinking about taking a flight to Guam. Two military bases for your meds, a PX etc. Might just want to bite the bullet, save up and buy some civilian tickets. Just my two peso 😉

    • Well Scott my zine posts are a bit behind. The problem has been taken care of. If we would save up each month and plan ahead it would be great to buy those discount tickets. That’s our next plan. Of course going to Angeles again is also in the plans. We like to visit there, but no way will we ever live there. It just cost too much more.
      It’s been awhile since you’ve left a comment. I’m glad to know that you are still around and reading.

      • John:
        I just found this thread! I’ve been missing out cause I stayed on the kittens thread so long.
        Anyway, thanks for the mention up there. apparently I should have told you more about Randy and given you his number. oh well.
        \Anyway, main thing I wanted to tell you about was that Tarangnan is having their Fiesta Oct 3 & 4 tho a lot has already been set up for it even now. lots of festivities down here if you care to make the trip. unfortunately there are no hotels here and most of the fun stuff is in the evening according to my wife.
        To get here from Calbayog, just come about 30 klicks South and look for a right turn in a small village ( of Balugo) where you’ll see a concrete sign indicating Tarangnan Proper 11 kilometres ( pointing right). still some bad road there tho, so go slow or be careful. preferably both 🙂

        • The kitten thread? I haven’t done one on the kittens in a long time. I remember (for some reason) it was the last thread I did before I went on our Texas Trip. You have missed a few posts.
          Oh, I don’t know if we will be going to the fiesta there. We barely go to the one here. We did check out the carnival for a little while this last time though. I have yet to go downtown during a fiesta. Not that I don’t really want to check it out, but Lita is worried about being in town at night. Or I should say, she is worried about me being in town at night. She’s a worry wart, but it’s just more quiet to stay at home. Besides I doubt if there is much for me to do besides just walk around. Of course taking pictures for the blog is always a good thing.

          • Roger the avoiding of trips to town at night. My wife is the same way.
            she getsw quite upset when I do wander out at night which hasnt happened but once in the last 2 years.
            too bad ya cant make it, but I kinda expected you probably wouldnt. Those things can cost $eriou$ money. And after your recent trip, well, anyhow.

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