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Zine Entry #45 – Angeles to Hong Kong

Zine Entry #45 – Angeles to Hong Kong



According to my last post:  Zine Entry #44 – Calbayog to Angeles via Pasay, we were again in Angeles and getting ready to head for Hong Kong via Cebu Pacific.  Just for a quick background, this was our 3rd trip to Angeles, but the first 2 times we tried to go Space A, failing to get on at least 5 or 6 flights going out because of one thing or another.  We decided to go all the way back the Angeles via bus because by doing that we saved about P7000 versus taking a flight from here to Manila or Cebu then to Hong Kong.  That was including the bus ticket price and even having to stay in a hotel one night and even including 2 meals and snacks.  So, one of those no brainer things even though it is a very long bus/ferry ride.

Before I start I once again would like to mention that the pictures probably will not be in sync with the post.  I did get a new camera phone and will be getting those back in sync shortly.

Samantha hanging with Mama

And one more thing before starting.  I have mentioned before about the amount of time it takes for the ferry to cross from Samar to Luzon and I was not sure of the exact time because I usually just lost track of the time.  Anyway, this last time we got a very slow ferry, I think the slowest in the Philippines, and it took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to cross from Samar to Luzon.

Okay so we are at the Horizonhill Hotel in Angeles and we have gone to bed early to be sure to be up and ready for our early, 0400, wake up call.  Our flight leaves at 0705 so we need to be there no later than 0505.  At least that is what they say.  It’s usually not very crowded at the Clark Airport so getting there only an hour early would have been sufficient this time at least.   The flight must have left a little early because we arrived in Hong Kong 25 minutes ahead of schedule.

After arriving we had ‘the long wait’.  What is the long wait you may ask?  Well since we are not made of money and did not plan very well, we spent the night at the airport.  It was 25 hours before our flight was scheduled to leave.  The airport is open 24 hours a day and they don’t mind if you sleep across the chairs, so it’s not totally terrible, but this is the 2nd time that we had to do this, due to poor planning, or in this case, kind of unscheduled.

Horizonhill downstairs hallway

They have plenty of places to eat and see there, so I did a lot of walking around.  Lita prefers to sit and/or lay down.  The first place that we ate there was Popeye’s chicken and we already knew that was going to happen from the last trip.  Something that I didn’t like was the Burger King that WAS there, is now a McDonalds (yuck).  I wanted to stop by the Burger King, but I just don’t do the McDonald thing.  Lita wanted me to get her a chicken sandwich at McDonalds, but the line there is super long.  I said, “Forget this”.  I went to a place across the terminal from there called Deli France.  It’s a place that I notice last time and wanted to check it out.  Nice sandwiches there and I recommend it for anyone that happens to be at the airport.

I went by to a place that served fresh juice and cookies.  I got 2 small juices and 1 large oatmeal raisin cookie (my favorite) and it only cost me $113.  Of course that is Hong Kong dollars so don’t have a heart attack.  Even being Hong Kong dollars, it was expensive.  It’s about $15.50 (US dollars) or P650 (Philippine peso).  I will not be returning to them to get anything to drink.  I’ll probably just buy all our drinks at the 7-11 there.

View of Samar coast from ferry

Okay I’m still going with the short posts, so I’ll close this one.  Before I do though I have a couple of tidbits to pass on.  In Hong Kong when you want something “to go”, they translate that to “take away”.  To form a line, they have signs that read “Queue up here”.  Of course you should know by now that in the Philippines they call that “fall in line”.  I will continue with the Hong Kong trip a bit and then our trip back in the next post.

Salamat Y’all



  1. John. FYI. tiger Philippines haveing agood promo sale for flights from NAIA to Phukett thailand for Php 1000 r/t all in. Good for travel up to Mar 29, 2014 but need to book before Oct 11, 2013. Thats as cheap as you will ever find and Phukett has some cheap places to stay.

    • That’s a dang good price Don. Thanks for the info. I doubt we will be taking advantage though because we will be saving our money for a trip to Texas in April, if the whole US is not in a revolt. I’ll start checking all the Tiger Air flights along with the Cebu Pacific flights though. I usually check 2 or 3 times per month or when I get a promo from Cebu Pacific in my e-mail. We have never been to Thailand and would like to at least once to see what it is like. It’s probably not that much different than the Philippines, but I’d like to see for myself.

      • Thailand is similar to Philippines in terms of weather and beaches, but I do think Thai food is much better, epecially if you like spicy.

        Hope you get to travel a bit more at some point.

        • I think we will start doing our trips next year, starting with the one to Texas. We hope to visit another Philippine city also next year. I’m thinking Iloilo right now, but who knows what will come up.

  2. John,Good post,boy you were on a slow boat,last time we drove to Samar
    the crossing from Matnog to Allen was one hour.Some thing you might think about on next trip out of the PI is go to Bangkok as it was a little cheaper and while there you could purchase medicine there much cheaper than in the PI,I used to do that when I was living in Subic.
    Next time you need a ticket you should check with Amega travel they are in the lobby of the Horizonhill hotel,we used them many times and we got some good prices,Aurora and Maita are real nice and will get you the best price.

    • I know it was a slow boat Wayne. I think a ferry that left after us, past us. I’ll check on those Bangkok flights, but probably our next time out will be to Texas, in April. You also stayed at the Horizonhill Hotel? What do you think about the hotel? I’ll ask about their prices, but I know when I’m paying attention I can get a pretty sweet deal with Cebu Pacific online.

      • We checked out the Horizonhill but we liked the Hana hotel,it is about a block away,also there is a good place to eat about another block going past the petron gas station, great food and much cheaper than hotels.We have used Amega travel for years, real good service.If anyone ever needs help with visa paper work or anything else like that,have them get in touch with Amega travel.

        • Yes there are a few good places to eat in that area, you just have to know which ones. I talked with a few people that were there a lot and even a couple of guys that still live there.
          I didn’t even know Amega Travel was anymore than just that one inside the Horizonhill. I did talk with them about my Visa problems though. They didn’t know a way around my problem though, so I didn’t ask them much after that.

  3. Hi UJ – Thanks for a very informative post; I may just do this route when I become a Balikbayan Citizen.

    • Howdy Leona. That’s for checking out my blog. It’s always good to have new people commenting. I don’t know for sure that the Clark to Hong Kong route will always be that much cheaper, but it sure surprised me that it was at all. I checked it 3 times because I was in disbelief. I am always looking for sales via Cebu Pacific and if you catch them right, they can really save you some money. Of course if we could catch a Space A flight it would save a bunch more money.
      I hope you hang around and I will be able to put something else in here that will help you out. Please if you like what you read, let others know. I don’t mind having 1000’s or even millions of readers everyday.
      Thanks again for reading and thanks especially for commenting.

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