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Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)




Calbayog City, Samar, November 5, 2013 – The Local Government of Calbayog now focuses its attention to its primary concern that is to reach out to as many as it can be to warn about the presently active tropical cyclone “Yolanda” (with international name “Haiyan”) projected to hit the country early morning Friday affecting several provinces including Samar and Leyte.

This warning was made public this afternoon by City Tourism and Information Officer Mr. Ronald Ricafort due to worries that “Yolanda”, according to weather websites, has a potential of becoming a super typhoon.

Ricafort also advised the public especially those in low-lying and flood-prone areas to be ready, take necessary precautions, and be kept informed about the typhoon by navigating through or

Tomorrow at 10am, concerned offices will hold meeting to be headed by the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office and necessary announcements are expected to be released again right after the meeting.

“Let’s pray and hope the powerful typhoon will deteriorate from its present condition as it enters the Philippine Area of Responsibility”, said Ricafort, but also stressed, “let’s be safe all the time.”

According to the latest forecast, typhoon “Haiyan” is now at roughly 500 miles south of Guam and is gathering strength in a favorable environment of light winds aloft and warm sea-surface temperatures.

However, it will also put it on a collision course with the Philippines later this week as it may approach in a super typhoon status (sustained winds at least 150 mph) around Friday and strike Central Visayas, Eastern Visayas and Southern Luzon.

“Haiyan” is also projected to cause rains in other parts of the Philippines raising the threat of flooding and mudslides.

“Haiyan” is then expected to sweep quickly into Vietnam by Sunday, possibly still as a strong typhoon.


Aimee Arteche Catalan


  1. Hi John,

    Good to see you finally back online. Juvic managed to get a few FB messages out by cell and so I knew you guys were alright just without power. Three weeks must have been tough though. It took four days to get a hold of my wife so to say I was nervous is an understatement. She is back on Santo Nino Island so communication is spotty on a good day. They had no electricity to charge their phones so I had a few sleepless nights. They were without power for only three days but that’s because of the municipal generator, besides they only run it six hours a day, lol. Just glad all concerned are safe. I feel really bad about Tacloban though. Aside from that do you know have they looked into improving the airport at Sabang to pick up some of the slack from Tacloban? Again good to see you back at the blog.

    Mark G.

    • Howdy Mark. I knew that you knew we were fine because the first of 2 times I got on a computer at the internet cafe, I saw those messages from Juvic.
      I’m glad that the wife is fine and I still don’t see how they can take having power only 6 hours a day.
      Actually I heard that the airport in Tacloban was still operational. I also heard that the terminal was destroyed. Maybe they have a make shift terminal. I’ll try to find out more information on that.
      I’ve encountered a problem on the blog, actually 2 of them, but I have taken care of the first one. It was a long process. I had Yahoo ads showing up on the site, but they are gone now. I need to figure out how to get rid of those games links that keep materializing now.

      • Oh yeah the terminal in Tacloban is destroyed. I figured they are only doing relief flights at this time. Folks like Grand Tours right near the harbor must be gone, too. I’m trying to make plans for February. Checkout some of the Youtube videos, especially the one with the lady giving birth day 2, if you want to see what’s left of the terminal.

      • Those damn game links just won’t go away. I wiped my C drive and reloaded and they are still there. I even got a big powerful antivirus program (Kaspersky) and ran a full scan. It did find a problem (Trojan) that the others did not, but it still did not stop those links.
        If it is on your screen like mine, then they are in place of the words that are usually displayed on the front of the blog for each post. Right now it is only on 2 of them (Zine #52 and Zine #53). They are the only 2 that I’ve done since the power came back on. If you just ignore the links and click on the title you will be taken to the post. At least that is what happens with me and those links do not appear there.
        I’m about ready to get an external drive, save everything to it and just reformat the whole damn drive. I’m open to options if y’all have any.

        • I’m going to make an attempt at writing another post tomorrow. I’m hoping that for some reason those game links won’t show up on any new posts. We shall see. Be sure to stay tuned for that post. We had an ‘almost’ disaster during the brown out. Most people around here were in a panic. It was strange.

  2. good to hear you guys made it through ok 😉

    • Thanks Scott. I know it could have been much worse, but for me without my computer, I was just losing my mind.

  3. Good to hear you all are fine and you have power back on, hope it stays.
    Resiel had a few bad days until she heard from her family and found they were all well.

  4. Hoping you all made it through the storm ok.

    • Hi all,

      I got word through other website folks that UJ and Family are all OK. However due to no power and no internet in their area it may be awhile till we heard from them directly. Lots of Damage in Calbayog, so lets pray for them and wait till things settle out to hear the story they have to tell.

      • Thank you, Joe, for the news. I’ m happy to hear they are okay.

      • Thank you, Joe P. Glad to know that. I have first cousins in Palo-Tacloban area from whom I haven’t heard yet. I hope they’re still alive.

        Every little bit of news helps.

        • Howdy Winda. We are fine here and our relatives from Tacloban that lived in the San Jose area are fine (though they now have almost nothing left). I don’t know about the area you mentioned, but I’ll ask the relatives that are from there. They are now staying with us for awhile until they can get back on their feet and all the insurance processing is complete.

          • Winda. I’m told that that area go hit pretty bad. The area called Baras especially, around a Oriental Hotel. I’m not sure of what’s there, but our cousin that lives there told me that. He will be going back to access all his damage again today, check in at work and see about the insurance claims. I’m told that is the McArthur Park area, although General McArthur is still standing.
            I hope you relatives are okay, but you do need to check up on them to be sure.

      • We are fine, but there was no damage here. Tacloban City is where the damage was. It was just about totally destroyed. Those Cat 5’s don’t mess around. It did get our power plant down south, so that is why no power, but it’s working now (finally) and I’ll have all the details later. Thanks for letting others know we were doing well.

    • We did great Tony since it didn’t even touch us. We just lost a power plant for almost 3 weeks (to the minute). You can read it in the blog when I get to typing.
      I just hope the power is here to stay for awhile.

  5. Is there power in Calbayog?

    • There is now! I hope it stays up too. I’ll have all the details, rumors and weird stuff in upcoming blog entries. It has been an experience.

  6. I hope you’re all okay. We were able to contact my in-laws at Obrero, they said people panicked because someone spread rumors that a tsunami was coming.

    • We are fine Larah. That stupid tsunami rumor it frighten some people and some actually died because of it. I’ll have details in the blog entries soon. That was not the only tsunami rumor either.

  7. I pray you and your family are safe.

    • Thanks Heidi. Yes we are fine and our relatives that lived in Tacloban are fine. They no longer have a home and hardly any possessions, but they are still alive and staying here in Calbayog.

  8. Glad to hear Calbayog was spared the brunt of the storm.

    • Me too Jamie. It’s too bad things like this need to happen at all. But until we can best Mother Nature they will continue. I think that will never be that we can best Mother Nature. Lots of notes, so lots of stories coming soon.

  9. I hope you, Lita and all the families living under your roof are all fine.

    • No problems here Leona. The storm hit way south of us. We barely got any wind from it at all. It did destroy our power plant down south though, so no power for so long. Details in many up coming posts from the tons of notes I have been taking.

  10. Hope everyone is okay there. I know communication is having issues there, but fingers crossed for all our friends and loved ones there. Have been checking the site daily just in case a post pops up from someone in the city.

    • We’re fine here Nolan. Power is finally back on, but I don’t know for how long. I hope it stays up.

  11. I am hoping every one is safe on this Saturday morning. I just watched a video of Tocloban City…good luck to all!

    • No destruction here. We just had our power plant knocked out and we were without power for almost 3 weeks (exactly). Details to follow in the many notes I took while I had nothing to do.

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