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Zine #70 – Space A and RAO

Zine #70 – Space A and RAO

Although recently I have been doing more work on the following blog than this blog, I have not forgotten about this one. Actually recently I have been taking a lot of notes for this blog and now have enough for at least 2 more posts, including this one. I want to explain a little bit about this new blog of mine that has already been being featured on first pages of searches about the subject. Maybe it’s only so high with one of my searches because Google is going by my recent searches, I’m not sure. I did have one that was #2 on page 1. I’ve never had one that high before under any circumstances.

I’m still having problems with my links, so I have to give you these long ugly ones for now that you probably have to copy/paste yourself. I hope to resolve that problem pretty soon.

In the last Zine post (Zine #69 – Lita to Tambis), I was talking about my phone that is in the shop. I have news on that, but not sure if I’ll get to it in this post or the next. I also reflected on my first batch of bbq sauce. I’m on the last jar of that so I guess next week I’ll be experimenting with a new batch of ingredients.

Okay about this new blog. I just keep making projects for myself and only getting them partially done. My biggest project at this time is trying to find as much Space A information and related data for EVERY Space A base throughout the world. Yes I know that there is already plenty of websites out there with this information, but it’s scattered and since I travel Space A, I know what type of data that is important to the travelers. I’m pulling information from all over the web and combining it into one website. Of course 99% of the stuff on this site is not original, just links that I thought were informative and pasted for others to be able to use before and while traveling Space A. The ‘before’ is for planning and ‘while’ is in case things don’t turn out so well. If you are, or even if you are not a Space A traveler, check out the link in the first paragraph above and please let me know what you think.

After I finish my initial list of bases, I will probably do a post to put on another blog to explain this and more to other readers. All this information will be somehow linked to another website: (Space A Travelers of the USA) . I volunteered to do this hard work (my idea actually) and the guy that started this other site (Roy Deal) will be the one that links them together. We hope it will benefit us both. Right now the new blog is on a free WordPress site. If things pick up, then I probably will have to change to a different theme and get a host for it. I don’t think my current host will want to acquire it because it is not Philippines related, but I’ll be asking him first.

On Thursday night (Jan 30th) I didn’t bother going to sleep until 0900 Friday morning. Lita was in Tambis and I just decided to do it. The only reason I can think of is just to see if I could still do it. You know like when you are young and stay up for 3 nights in a row partying. Well I can stay up, but not for 3 days and I think that if I was partying, I would not have made it. Maybe I’d just have to get use to it again, but I think I’ll pass on that. I like my sleep.

I was reading a Retiree Area Office (RAO) newsletter and they are looking for reps in all areas of the Philippines. I suppose the Manila office is in charge of that in case anyone is interested.

I also just found out that the Clark AB RAO does process ID cards, but it has temporarily been suspended due to personnel and equipment problems. They hope to get it back up soon. If you are Army, you can still get it done through Clark though, so check it out if you need it. Here is a link to the Clark RAO newsletter if y’all want to check it out. It really amazed me of the amount of information that they provide and help you with.

Samantha has learned to say “Hello” and she likes to say it to everyone. She will come up to you say “Hello”, walk off, turn around, come back and say “Hello” again. I’m sure she will get over that phase rather quickly, but it’s just so darn cute.

On Friday, 31 Jan, Lita and Judith came back from Tambis. I heard her before I saw her. Oh, and I was wrong about her buying ‘extra’ stuff at the supermarket in Tacloban. She didn’t even go. She said that she has been sick for the past 2 days and all she wanted to do was get home to her own bed. I was wondering how they got back so early in the day. Normally they arrive back here around 4pm when they travel back from Southern Leyte. She said that we could just go to Cebu in March. I said, “Why don’t we just go to Angeles in February”? After discussing it, we compromised. We will be going to Angeles in March. At least that is our plan for now. We want to fly to Manila, take a bus to Angeles, but on the return trip will take the bus all the way back. Although the bus trip is long and they do have some weight restrictions on baggage, we are allowed a lot more on the bus than on the plane. I have plans to get a cooler full of sausage and ham.

Well this information gets you updated through the end of January. I think I’ll start on February in the next post. I guess that news about the cell phone will have to be in the next post. I still have a few things in my notes before I get to that, but I really think the next post will have it. I will also have some cribbage news, weight news and even some news about the pictures in my phone. Two of those news items are good news and one of them not so good. I’ll be revealing it all, figuratively, in the next post.

Salamat, Y’all

Texan in the Philippines