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Donation Time?

Donation Time?



I don’t really like putting these posts in the blog because they are for something that is so sad.  I figure that maybe someone would like to help out a little bit and they would not know otherwise unless I inform them.  Our nephew Saddam (aka Jay) and his wife (Julianne) just lost one of their babies.  He was only about 9 months old and died of asthma.  No one asked me to put this in here or even ask for donations, but I figured I’d at least try for them.  Anyone that decides that they want to donate, I will be sure that every dollar/peso/euro I receive will be given to them by me, in person.  They don’t have much, like a lot of other Filipinos here, but now they will have even less.  If you can and want to help, please do to help defray the cost of the funeral and other things.  We will try to help out as much as possible, but I’m sure we won’t be able to give much.  Just leave the money on this blog and designate it for them.  If you want to send money another way, let me know, that will be fine too.  If you forget to designate the money and have already sent some, then get on here and let me know or e-mail me at

Thank you to anyone that donates and also for everyone that would like to, but just can’t right now.  Believe me, I know that situation.

John (UJ)




Texan in the Philippines