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Pascasio Departure

Pascasio Departure



I learned only yesterday, from Cathy, that she and her whole family would be going to stay with her mom down in Southern Leyte for awhile, probably until December.  Now I knew that a couple of times they were talking about moving there, but nothing ever came of it.  They would say they were going, but then they changed their mind because it is pretty boring down there compared to a ‘big’ city like Calbayog.  Also while there it is somewhere between difficult and impossible to get internet, even WIFI.  But this time it looks like they are really going.

They left this evening (16 Aug), around about 5:30pm for Ado’s barangay in Santa Margarita and they will be heading down to Southern Leyte around 0200 in the morning.  That’s 2am for all you civilians out there reading this.  I tried to bribe Casandra into staying by telling her we would go to Jollibee everyday, but although she said yes at first, she must have figured out the translation very quickly after because she then said no.  She’s only 4 or 5 years old (it’s hard to keep up sometimes), and I think she’s cute as a button.  It doesn’t seem like she will ever grow taller.  Seems like she’s been the same height for a couple of years.  Probably someday she will shoot up a couple of inches very quickly.

 Lita with the Pascasio’s at Marcial’s Grille

So none of them will be able to frequent their Facebook as much as before.  It’s okay for Ado, he doesn’t mess with the Facebook, WIFI or even computers.  I know that Crystal and Khan Khan will miss the internet though, almost as much as Cathy.  They moved there because it was just getting too difficult to make it around here.  Besides Bebie (Cathy’s mom) is living in that big house all by herself now since her husband (Khany) died.  It’s been just over 1 1/2 years now.  Bebie has a big 4 bedroom, 1 bath house and all the rooms are just not being used except for when the relatives come to visit, which is why there are so many bedrooms to start with.  It’s our meeting place when we are in Southern Leyte and the St. Bernard/Catmon area.

Christina Patricia Pascascio

The kids will continue there schooling there.  Bebie is one of the senior teachers at either the elementary school or high school, I don’t remember which.  Both schools are a short walk from the house anyway.  I think Ado will be able to continue with his multi-cab business there also.  I believe they had to get special permission to do so though, since he is licensed for the Calbayog City area.

I suppose that if they are really going to stay that long, I’ll have to go south with everyone when they go for the annual All Saint’s Day visit.  I normally just stay at home, because it’s such a long drive and I kind of like being by myself for a few days.  However, I just might head down that way so I can see the kids, especially Casandra.

Anyway they are gone for now, so we only have 4 families living in our compound at this time.  I wish I was secretly rich so I could have sent them an anonymous donation to keep them around, but alas, I am not rich, secretly or otherwise.  It will be a little bit quieter around here, but it’s usually better to listen to the loud sounds of children playing, then listen to quiet.

Salamat Y’all


Some more maybe important information to share with y’all.

I got curious about acquiring the Armed Force Network here (AFN) so I sent an e-mail to them.  I got 2 responses, but this is the important one.  Maybe some of y’all knew this already.  Heck y’all might have even told me, but now I have it in writing from the AFN people.  Here’s the e-mail I received:

Mr. Jackson,

Good morning.  After doing some digging on this, I learned that you are able to get AFN TV in the Philippines if you have a decoder and satellite.
Satellites and decoders are typically sold at Exchange and NEX stores.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Joely M. Santiago, SSgt, USAF
AFN Pacific
DSN: 225.0192

So now I’m wondering if we can actually get it here in Calbayog and just exactly how much do these satellites and boxes cost?





  1. Hey John while you are in states check out Dish TV. I was talking to installer a couple of years ago about buying one and if it would work in the Philippines. He said it would if you lined it up to satellite. He said people in Mexico buys them and sets them up. He said the only requirement is you need state address so they can bill you every month like cable.

    • I just may do that George. Would I have to ship the dish here? That would suck and probably deter me if I had to.

      • Yes but as long as you do not take out of box and just slap address on it I see no problem. I shipped things to Philippines just strapped to wooden pallet and address on it and they arrived at house with no problem.

      • Holy Cow I’m finally back online. I had big problems after returning from the trip. Still some problems but at least I can get on here.

        • Still having some computer problems, maybe it will turn into another major problem. Will get back to doing posts tomorrow, if I can still get into the blog. Hopefully my shoulder will stop hurting by then and I won’t be in pain while typing.

  2. If you go to the AFN Pacific website, you can see what you get. You are getting whatever is shown to the Armed Forces. I like Big Brother. I get it the might after it shows in the states. I don’t know what receivers cost. I use a Cignal dish with my receiver.

  3. I have a AFN receiver.You get about 8 channels and some radio.

    • Oh okay. Cool. I’ve got several questions if you don’t mind sharing. How much are those satellites and receivers? Is it worth it to you to have it? Do you get live NFL games? Are they junky channels? How about a movie channel?
      Ok. That’s enough I guess. Maybe I and/or others living in the PI might want to get this too. I know I get tired of the same movies that they just repeat over and over … and over. And the Fox channel is getting about sorry with all the wrestling, Top 20 things, walking dead, animation domination and a few other things. Even those get repeated too many times.

      • Check the AFN Pacific website. You get whatever games are broadcast to the Armed Forces. I really like it. You can check BX online for prices of receivers. You can use just about any dish with the receivers.

  4. I have it on Cebu. I got mine from an retired Army who never used it for $250.00. I don’t know what a new one would costm.

    • What is it you have Mike? I got lost here.

  5. I live in Lapu Lapu, and I bought mine from a retired Army. I paid $250.00. I would check with the VFW in Angeles and see if they know of anyone selling one Are if you are at one of the PACAF bases check the BX. It is great you get about 7 or 8 channel with some radio

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