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Internet and Phones

Internet and Phones


You know, just when you want to say something nice about a service here in the Philippines, something else happens and it just reminds you that they are mostly just supplying an average service with a below average customer satisfaction rate.  On 16 Dec I went to Globe to let them know that after the power came back on from our 10 day outage, my internet and phone service did not come back on.  I arrived back home around 11:00 and by 11:25, they were both working, just like before the typhoon, no problems.  I had a good day searching, editing and writing.

The next morning when I turned on the computer … nothing.  No internet.  I checked the phone, no phone.  I will be going downtown with Lita early this afternoon, so I will go by their office one more time to inform them.  I really need to bring my cell phone by there anyway to find out why whenever I put a load in, it just disappears.  I know there must be a switch that is on within that phone somewhere that should be turned off.  They did it for me once before, but I forget what it was.  I’m pretty sure I put the information in a blog post, but since I don’t even remember when it was, I’m not going to try to find it.

Globe Calbayog Office

I hear that getting a plan is the way to go when you get a load, but I’m not sure I should bother, if I’m right about the switch in the phone.  I just don’t call or text very much.  If on a plan it doesn’t matter how long you have your minutes or if the minutes roll over, then that is definitely the way I should go.  Something to look into and I’m sure I’ll be wanting to take someone with me that understands the mobile phone system better than I do, when/if I go.  I suppose that the only time I would really use it would be to call Lita if she was downtown or elsewhere and she was taking longer than I expected to get there or get back.  Or her calling me.  Neither of those 2 scenarios happen very much though. She doesn’t know how to text, so we’d have to call.  I prefer calling anyway because my fingers are too fat for those little letters on the phone to be doing any texting.  I keep making mistakes and sometimes I don’t notice it until I’ve already completed the sentence.  So I either have to send it with the errors, which I don’t like to do, or retype it.  Any phone that I have is mostly used for a camera.

Maybe instead of having Globe for my mobile AND house phone, I should get one different.  That way if one is down I can use the other to call.  That probably constitutes long distance charges or something though.  The phone system here in the Philippines, as far as I’m concerned, is a joke.  If I call the people next door and they have a different phone carrier than I do, it’s a long distance call.  Of course I think our choices out here in Bagacay are limited anyway.  Globe may be the only carrier that comes out this way.  That’s another thing that needs to be upgraded, but not before getting the phone companies to have an agreement with each other so the users can call from one system to the other without accruing those additional charges.   I’ll check on that.  Maybe PLDT can also come out this way.  Or, since I have dual sim capacity on my cell phone, I could just use Smart as my primary and get Globe if need be.

Globe Plans

Things like the phone, power, infrastructure, traffic and modern conveniences (all of which I’ll save for another post) need to be improved if Calbayog City, and basically all of Samar, ever expects to grow in the right direction instead of just more of all the current things.   Oh I’ve got plenty of opinion on all those things and most likely you’ll be seeing something in this blog on each of them in the not so distance future.

In the meantime, I’m hoping for my internet (and phone I guess) to return so I can get this posted.  So if you are reading this, that means the internet is or at least was up long enough for me to copy/paste this entry and add a few pictures and other do-dads.   I have other posts I’m working on also, one that I was going to combine with this one, but decided to make it its own post.  I’ll get more details on it when I go downtown to Globe later and do another post on what happened there.

Maybe I’ll even get a picture or 2 to insert on this and the other posts.  I’m hoping to make an actual effort to be more active with posts, pictures and especially videos for this and 1 of my other blogs.  I’m reducing the number of blogs I have, even though only 2 of them really take up any amount of time.  I’ll probably be down to 3 public blogs (including this one) and 1 private blog by the end of the week, if the internet gets turned back on.

Salamat Y’all


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