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New Blog Content 3 Fold

New Blog Content 3 Fold



Here not too long ago, yesterday in fact, I told myself that I need to take pictures and especially some videos of downtown because I was way behind in my videos.  Well the 3rd time that I went downtown to see Globe about my internet/phone connection, I was all ready to bring that camera.  I even saw it a couple of times before I walked out the door.  You know I still forgot to bring it.  I told Lita to remind me to bring that camera with me EVERYTIME that I go downtown.  I have just been missing too many opportunities.  Sure it’s been raining a lot also, but not ALL the time.  It has even been light rain at times.  I could have gotten some pictures taken and a video or two, if I really got out there to do it.  I really would like to improve the number of viewers and commenters on the blog.  I think I get an almost decent amount of viewers, but the comments and especially the number of people clicking on ads, is lacking.

The pictures and videos have a 3 fold purpose.  The #1 reason is to get readers familiar with the Calbayog area and type of services available here.  I also hope to have pictures and videos of other place on Samar too.  I know that before I moved here I would have liked to know some of the stores here.  I’m going to try to find out as much as I can about a lot of the businesses here.  That’s in addition to the hotels and restaurants, which always get a lot of attention.  Another reason for the pictures and videos is to record phone numbers for my personal phone book.  A lot of places have their phone number on the sign of their business.  For some kooky reason, they do not have a city phone book here.  At least not one that I can find.  I just recently started this phone book, so I need to start collecting as many local numbers as possible.  The last reason for the pictures and videos is to just have them available on the blog for y’all to view.  I’m sure that there are some people out there that are just curious as to what is available here, but most likely the will never visit here in person.

1st Party at Doce - Hopefully not our last

So with his new expansion of the blog, I’m accepting help from people that have stayed in hotels, eaten at restaurants or know of businesses that are on Samar.  Any help adding hotels, restaurants, medical offices, dental offices, pawn shops, department stores, banks, pharmacies … just whatever.  If you have information on a facility that you think is a place that would benefit an expat, then I’d like that information to add to the site.  Things like name, address, phone number(s) and any websites would be great.

I am also open to a suggestion or two for the new blog look.  Y’all are in the reading sections a lot more than I am.  So if you have been having a problem with something that you thought would be easier for readers, let me know.  Or maybe you have an idea for a different category.  Just whatever, let me know and, if I like it, I’ll see what I can do.

FYI: It’s now 20 Dec around 0800, still no internet or phone.  At least no more brownouts since those previous 4 (knock on wood).  I was told twice yesterday and one more time this morning, each time from one of my relatives, that everyone outside of Calbayog Proper does not have internet or phone service at this time.  It’s a nice day today so far, so maybe they will get out there to splice those cables and get our service back up.

More FYI:  This is my 9th post on hold waiting for the internet to come back up.  It might be the end of the year before you’re reading this.  I will be trying to get all 9, maybe 10, of the posts I have written posted on the site before the end of the year.  That 10th one would be the last one posted anyway, but it might end up being the first post of 2015.

Salamat Y’all



  1. You were right about how soon we would get to see it, John. Of course, that could be because I just didn’t get around to looking for you or going to your blogsite. In any event, it was good to see your post.Where would you like us to post information about our experiences in Calbayog and about our own parts of the Philippines?
    I might be able to post some pics and vids from around our area. (Pulilan-Baliwag-Plaridel)

    • You can just send it to my e-mail:
      If it’s not too much trouble could you separate the Calbayog part from the rest.
      As for pictures, if you want, you can just put them on your Facebook, let me know which ones and I can take them from there, if that’s easier for you.
      Or you can also send the ones you want to my e-mail, whichever is good for you.

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