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Juvic and Neil, No Internet

Juvic and Neil, No Internet



I was bored and although I already have 9 blog posts written, waiting on the internet to come back up, I figured I had enough information in my notes that if I expand, with my ultimate wisdom, I would have enough information complete a decent #10 blog post.  At least in the number of words.  I can’t say if people will enjoy it, but I hope that they get some type of useful information out of this.  Actually, if I really want to, I could write at least 3 or 4 more posts in addition to this one.  I still have 1 subject that will be happening here soon and I also have enough information for 2 or 3 posts leftover from our trip to Texas.  I was already behind on that information before the typhoon knocked us out for 10 days and now the days following that typhoon with only that 1 day of internet service.  At least I did get a Texas post out that one day.

It’s been a pretty rough week for me as far as internet goes.  It’s my second longest drought since being here without internet.  The first, of course being our 23 days without power after Typhoon Yolanda hit the power plant down south of us.  You know, even then the internet was back up quickly after the power was back on.  I’m wondering if the companies around here will try to take measures to prevent things like this long interruption of services.  Probably not.  At least the ones that know that they have a monopoly on the services won’t.  Why are they allowed to have a monopoly?  That’s another story for another time.

Neil, Samantha and Juvic at Marcial's Grille

So on the 20th of December I was hoping that they were out there splicing that cable that they (Globe) said is the reason the internet and phones are down in our area.  Actually down in all areas outside of Calbayog Proper is what I’m told.  It was a pretty nice day, but it was Saturday, so I don’t know there policy for working weekends.  I think Saturday they work, but not Sunday.  Anyway, if they did get it spliced, then the must be having more problems, because no internet all day today.

The 20th is also the day that Juvic and Neil returned from Australia.  Actually they have been staying in Manila the past couple of days.  They rode a bus (DLTB) here and it was Neil’s first time riding on a bus here, long distance.  Neil said it took them about 24 hours to make the whole trip.  They arrived here just past noon, both looking good and both just a little bit wider.  They rode the bus back versus a flight because Neil said they are not allowing incoming jets to Tacloban, only outgoing.  How is that even possible?  I mean do they send in empty jets for the outgoing passengers?  Anyway, they could have come in via Calbayog on PAL, but they had a lot of excess baggage and PAL does not allow for as much baggage as they had, not even if paying excess baggage fees.  Cebu Pacific would have via Tacloban, but for those aforementioned excess baggage fees.  Everyone was all smiles when they returned, but I wanted to see Samantha’s first reaction.  I didn’t get to see it though because she was upstairs and when Juvic went up, Samantha was waiting at the top of the stairs.  I know that Grace was up there telling her that momma is back.  They have to watch that Samantha because she now has figured out how to get down the stairs.  She sits down and inches her butt down one step at a time.  She can climb up the stairs, with help, and even sometimes counts the steps as she goes up, or asks you to count them.  Sometimes you get to count them together.

Dayday with Poppa

So the morning of 21 Dec, Poppa and I had a lot of company for breakfast.  We normally sit there, eat our pan-de-sol, drink our coffee and talk every once in a while.  He normally talks about the same stuff every morning, but the man is 92 years old.  I don’t mind what he talks about even if I’ve already heard it several dozen times.  I just hope I make it to 92 years old and be in as good shape as he is in, but with better hearing.  I doubt I’ll make it that long though, but no one knows for sure.  Anyway, this morning there was Lita, Judith, Neneng, Titing, Juvic, Neil and Samantha all having breakfast with us.  They were having more than just pan-de-sol, but all I remember is their meal included rice.

Also I found out that 21 Dec is Victor’s birthday.  I have no idea how old he is, and I didn’t ask, but I do know that he is just a little bit younger than me.  I asked him if he wanted a Red Horse for his birthday and, since he said yes, I put a couple of liters in the refrigerator to cool for that evening.  I did tell you that I got a case of Red Horse from Marge’s store on Navarro, didn’t I?  Well I did.  As it turns out Juvic also bought a case of Red Horse for her father’s birthday.  So we have 10 liters on Red Horse in the mix around here.  It was only 10 and not the full 12 because the evening of the 20th, I forgot to mention, we had those 2 liters. Of course me having the majority of the two.

This evening I didn’t feel much like drinking because I was pretty tired and about ready to fall asleep.  If I had known yesterday that it was his birthday today, I would have waited and probably gotten more sleep.  I’ve got no internet anyway.  I went out anyway to try to be a bit sociable, not because there was chocolate cake.  My intention was to drink only 1 mug of beer and find a way to escape back to the computer room to play the games or something, or maybe watch TV.  That didn’t work out.  Although I yawned through most of it, I ended up drinking 3 ½ mugs of Red Horse and I didn’t bother eating any chocolate cake either.  Lita said the cake was good, but she was already stinkled, because she had mug of Red Horse too.  Well it was half a mug, the rest of the mug was filled with Pepsi.  Yuck!  They can all do that, I can’t.  They also put ice in their beer.  That just dilutes the beer.  I don’t do that either.

Judith & Victor Gloria

See that?  I just did a whole post on 2 days of notes.  I’ve already gotten notes for this morning, the 22nd, but I think I’ll leave those for the next post.  Heck, if enough other stuff happens today, maybe I’ll end up doing that other post tonight.  I might even go out and do some things to make sure I have enough notes.  It’s not raining right now.  Maybe it will be a nice day and I will be able to get those pictures and/or videos I keep ‘talking’ about.  I hope so.  I did get some pictures, not many, but no new videos.  I will though.  I suppose you will have to keep checking out the blog to find out if I get off my butt and take care of that.  Maybe, for now, I’ll do another one of those Texas posts and have it ready to go.  I’ve already got one, but 2 in queue would be better.

Salamat Y’all






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