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Malajog Beach House for Sale

Malajog Beach House for Sale


Have you ever wanted a house on the beach front?  Well there is an excellent one that is for sale here in Calbayog.  Whether you need a home to live in or maybe just a vacation home, this one would be perfect.  The owners need to sell here and move closer to Manila for medical reasons and are willing to sell at a little lower cost than normal.  It could even come with major appliance (refrigerator and stove) and all the furniture also, if that’s what you want.

Here is a little write up that the owners have. House and lot for sale ( lot it’s about 1000 sq. ft. ) located in Barangay Malajog Tinambacan Dist. Calbayog City Samar Philippines.  This house has three bedrooms and three bathroom one downstairs for use after swimming master bedrm with huge master bath, hot shower his and her sink double sliding door also had walking closet with double sliding mirror guest bedroom has also bathroom between the two rooms. For more information please email to or More pics in FB for the whole house inside/out.  I called this house our little mansion in Pinas.

Okay so the write up is a little confusing in places, however I have been to this house a few times, mostly for parties, and I think it’s beautiful.  It’s a very large 1 story house that is literally just a few feet from the beach.  It is completely fenced in with a high quality fence and gate.  The only down side that I know for the house is not even for the house itself, it’s the road.  The road to get there is a bit bumpy, but not so bad.  It doesn’t stop anyone from going there for the parties.

As for the price, well it depends on whether you’d like the furniture to go with it.  The refrigerator and stove go with it regardless, but if you want the rest of the furniture also, then the total price of house and furniture will be P8.1M and without the furniture it is P7.9.  I think it’s a heck of a deal and if I had the means to buy it, I would, for sure.

View from your large parking area


Car port and extra room above

Front Entrance

Inside front entrance - Living Area


Reverse View Living Area to Front Entrance

Wide View Living Area


Between Living Area and Kitchen Area

Kitchen Area


Lots of cabinet space

Living Area from Kitchen Area


Side Entrance to Kitchen

Front Porch


Master Bedroom to Bath

Master Bath



Outside the Shower


Master Bedroom

Guest Room



Ocean view from your large parking area


Sunset View


Front Door to Neighborhood


Side door to kitchen from back


Walk in Closet


Inside walk in closet


Your own water pump


Side Yard - Ocean Side


The Back


Well built front fence and gate


Dining area to kitchen front door left


Dining area from kitchen. Front door right.


Large car port


More Kitchen to side door



  1. Where is the exact location? The asking price seems overly aggressive for the size of house and construction.

    • Well other than what they put in their little write up: Barangay Malajog Tinambacan Dist. Calbayog City Samar Philippines, I can tell you that when you go to the Malajog Beach resort area, just walk down the beach to the right about 1/8 of a mile (I guess) and you’ll see the big yellow house there. As for the price, I’m sure that there is some negotiation wiggle room built in. I don’t know about house prices in the PI, or in the States for that matter. I figure I’ll just let people ask what they want and they can deal with the buyers. I can tell you that it is a very nice looking house and it would be near impossible to get much closer to the beach. Also they survived these last 2 big typhoons, with hardly any problems at all. That’s something you can discuss with Larry and Dorie (the owners) when/if you decide to check it out.

  2. Lot looks bigger than 1000 square feet, perhaps you meant 1000 square meters?

    • Perhaps. That write up is from the owner and I just relayed it. I know little of the metric system, but you are probably correct.

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