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Ciriaco Hotel Goings On

Ciriaco Hotel Goings On



In the midst of another scheduled brownout (#2 of 4 days in a row), I decided its been long enough since I’ve been to the back of the Ciriaco Hotel to take pictures.  Things have change quite a bit back there since my last picture taking trip.  I also got a couple of pictures of posters that they have on display in their front window or current and upcoming events at the hotel.

Being billed as “The Greatest Event in Boxing History” they will have the Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather boxing match on May 2nd.  It will be displayed on their widescreen TV and you have 2 choices of payment.  For P400 you get to see the match and have a meal and for P300 you get 1 beer and some pica pica (snacks).

I’m not much into boxing, but all the relatives will be here watching.  It’s on regular TV so they will probably ask to bring my big TV out, which only measures 31″ diagonally across, but it’s larger than the other TVs around here.  They usually set up the TV in front, right in front of the windows to my computer room.  I’ll probably be on the computer during the match, but being so close and them being so loud, I’ll definitely hear it.  Of course if some of y’all want to come by to see the match I’m pretty sure we will have some snacks and beer (and Tanduay) here.  No charge for that either, but you have to let me know ahead of time if you are coming to be sure I have it all ready.  I’ll come out and root for Mayweather if some of y’all come by.

Also the Ciriaco has a poster announcing that you can swim in their pool anytime for only P250 per day.  That’s way too high for me to do on a regular basis.  Of course if you are renting a room at the hotel, the pool is free.  That P250 includes a free snow cone and P150 worth of consumables, so maybe you can get them to let you swim for only P100, just no consumables.

It seems that they are getting along pretty well with their construction back there.  They have a lot of it going on at the same time.  I was told that they are building ‘cottages’ back there, but they looked more like the apartment type dwellings to me.

Also I suppose that they decided not to put a gym at the Ciriaco afterall or they are going to put it elsewhere.  The area that I was told would be where the gym was put in, now looks like this:

So in conclusion the Ciriaco seems to be making money and soon will have plenty of new places to stay.  I have not heard of any prices for their ‘cottages’, but I let you know when/if I find out.  Here are the rest of the pictures that I took behind the Ciriaco.  You should be able to click on the pictures to make them larger.

Ciriaco covered pavilion


Ciriaco - Side of covered pavilion

Ciriaco covered pavilion inside

Ciriaco walkway to pool


Ciriaco view to ocean from back of pavilion

Ciriaco Pool Bar


Ciriaco back - Up close

Ciriaco back from pool area


I hope you enjoy all the pictures.

Salamat Y’all




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