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Cabbage Real Estate

Cabbage Real Estate



Stat Glitch?

Way back on the 4th of June I had an unusual occurrence on my UJ Space A Info blog.  It was so odd that I felt compelled to mention it here.  I went in to check the stats of how many views I had the first time during that day.  It was strange to see that I only had 1 viewer, although the new stats had been active for about 9 hours.  That wasn’t the strangest part.  The fact that the one viewer got up to 168 views was pretty strange though.  Now later in the day things kind of evened out with 365 views along with 170 visitors.  Maybe it was a glitch?  It’s the only time it has happened.  Very odd.

Cabbage Stew

Randy had call me early in the day on the 5th and said that he and his wife Terri would be stopping by around lunch time with some sausage with cabbage dish and suggested that we all have lunch here at our house.  It was fine with us.  Of course before they showed up we had a brown out here at the house.  I figured that a brown out is not going to stop us from eating, so I didn’t bother contacting them.  So they showed up around noon and lo and behold, they were not here 5 minutes when the power came back on.  That Terri is probably good luck.  Randy and I sat outside to eat and Lita and Terri talked in the kitchen.  It was a little unique sausage cabbage dish that I liked, but I thought it could use more spice.  Probably just me though, I like it a bit spicy.  It didn’t stop me from cleaning my plate though.

Cabbage with Sausage

Training Complete

That same afternoon Grace showed up.  She’s back from her social worker training in Tacloban.  She signed a one month commitment, but they have not given her a start date yet.  I figure Grace will give it 2 or 3 weeks and if they have not called by then, she’ll contact them and find out something.  It could be nice working with people for a little while, but she has a degree in Engineering now (5 years of college) so she is ready to pursue that also.  I’m not sure of the opportunities in this area for Engineers, so maybe she will have to move elsewhere to get a decent job.  Just another thing that I’m not looking forward to, but something I know could happen.  Oh well, we’ll wait and see.

Grace at college graduation (beautiful and smart)

Cabbage Soup

Sticking with the cabbage meals, on the 7th of June Lita made some cabbage soup that was, I think, the best she has ever made.  Now I love cabbage soup, it’s one of my very favorites, and I always like her soups, but this one was really good.  It was so good that I told her that she should make it like this all the time.  Oh, I’m sure she will do a little more experimenting with it and that’s okay, or we would not have discovered this one.  She has the basics for this one down though and a little tweaking is not going to be so bad.  We’ll just have to remember the original one though to fall back on it in case all others do not measure up.

Creamy Chicken Cabbage Soup

Info Info Real Estate

For the 9th of June I got so excited and had so much to say that I decided to do a post of just want was going on.  I have already published it and the link is: UJ Space A Info Info.  Also on this day, I took some pictures of some real estate here in Calbayog that is for sale.  I will post one of the picture.  I would post all the pictures, except I took them for one particular person.  Of course if you are thinking of buying real estate here in Calbayog, please let me know.  Just let me know what you are looking for and I’ll find you some and get you some pictures, along with the location and some prices.

Yes that is the ocean in the background.

Power Quickie

Just a quickie for the 10 of June is that we have been having a lot of little power problems today and actually the past few weeks.  The power will die down and the power back up again. Sometimes it gets so low that my computer power supply thinks the power is off and kicks in.  Just another saga of the life in Calbayog.  Still hoping it will, someday, be fixed for good.


The final entry for this blog is about something new I found.  It is called Quora.  Now I don’t know how popular this is or how many people actually know about it, but it looks a bit interesting.  I’m going to try it out for a little while and see what’s up with it.  Here’s the description of it: Quora is a question and answer website were questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users.  It’s kind of like Yahoo Answers, but not really the same either.  If you are curious, just check it out.


Well that’s all for this post.  The next post will start out with a big surprise, unless of course you know already, then it won’t be a surprise.  I might even turn the next post into a mostly picture post, because I have a lot of pictures of what I’m talking about.  Then I have a couple of birthdays to do a write up on, especially the one on June 16th.  Also I did something recently that I have not done for quite awhile.  So I have enough material for a at least 2 more posts if I do it that way.  I hope you’ll be there to read them.

Salamat Y’all 



  1. glad you enjoyed the cabbage soup looks good. even that I’m not a big fan of cabbage soup.
    keep up the post sounds like you have some interesting things to share.

    GO NAVY!!!!

    • Look forward to meeting you if you can make it in this direction.
      Oh, I love cabbage soup if need correctly, it’s one of my favorite. Like vegetable soup, I like that too, but it depends on the vegetables used.
      I don’t know how interesting things are, but I’m thinking that things will be picking up very soon.
      Air Force Rules!!!

    Texan in the Philippines