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Juvic and Neil Griffiths

Juvic and Neil Griffiths



I wanted to do a post today, but I don’t really feel like typing much.  I came up with a solution.  My niece Juvic recently got married to Neil Griffiths in Australia (on 13 June) and I have a lot of pictures.  I figured I’d go ahead and post some of them on here for you to view.  Now these photos are in no particular order, just some random ones that I liked.  I think I only have like a quarter of the ones that were taken. There are 78 different pictures here.  There are also 3 of them that are repeated because I never tried to do this all at once before and ended up duplicating 3 of them.  I don’t know which 3 and I don’t feel inclined to figure it out, but I guess it really doesn’t matter.  I hope you enjoy all 81 of the pictures.  Everyone here wishes them a very happy life together and I think that Samantha inherited herself a pretty good daddy.

I’m not sure yet of their plans for the future.  I know at one time that they were going to live in the Philippines, but I think that maybe those plans have changed.  Juvic has gotten a taste of the western style life and I think the schools would be better for Samantha in Australia.  I guess I’ll know more later and I’ll pass it on.  Where ever they live I hope their life is full of happiness.

Texan in the Philippines