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We are Ready for Tourists says Calbayog Mayor

We are Ready for Tourists says Calbayog Mayor



CATBALOGAN CITY, Samar, September 11 (PIA)—Calbayog City Mayor Ronald Aquino said that the city is ready to receive tourists during a press conference Monday.

This was his reaction when asked him if his people and the city are ready to receive tourists.
“We have hotels, restaurants, convention center, function rooms, our roads leading to tourist destinations are being prepared,” Aquino said.

Aquino told the media that his city is a city of waterfalls which has nine breathtaking and majestic ones, the waterfalls and the scenic beaches along Samar Sea has drawn tourists to this third largest city in the country. One of the waterfalls will also be developed to become a mini-hydro power plant, the mayor said.

He also asked those present to visit Malajog Beach where the city will construct a zipline. 
As to tourists looking for food adventure to satisfy their gastronomic taste, Calbayog has the best tasting tinapa and other gourmet dishes. Actress and presidential sister Kris Aquino has mentioned that Calbayog has the best tinapa in his tv show recently.

Calbayog City has also the best hotels where the most famous is Ciriaco Hotel that faces the scenic Samar Sea.

Calbayog City is also considered the gateway to Christianity in the Visayas as the first wave of Jesuit missionaries commenced their mission there in 1596. Calbayog has also the so called pilgrimage tour where tourists are conducted to different Catholic Churches.

As to the peace and order and security of travelers, Aquino said that the city is relatively peaceful. He acknowledged the leadership of the P/Supt Ernesto Salvador Tagle of the city police force.
It will be recalled that the whole police force was replaced following the spate of killings in the city early in June 2015.
“Look at you, do you feel unsecure here?” he asked the media that attended the presscon, after the Vesper Day parade.

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My opinion:  Until we get the power problem solved, the roads fixed, clean up the beaches and get a mall finished, we are NOT ready for tourist.  All these things that are ‘suppose’ to be built doesn’t mean they ‘will’ be built.  In the short time I’ve been here there have been so many projected projects that have not gone through.  I now take a “I’ll believe it when I see it”approach.




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  1. I concur UJ. The article also makes claims about many waterfalls that are mostly inaccessible to most folks without a lengthy hike or trek through the jungles. And I don’t believe the article is correct in stating “third largest city in the country.” Calbayog City has a long way to go IMHO.

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