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Real Estate – Samar Property Guide

Real Estate – Samar Property Guide



I got a request from a realtor to put a post on the blog about property that they have available here in Samar.  The lady agreed to advertise my blog on her end also, so I figured, what the heck. It doesn’t take up much room and I can always use something a little different that what I usually have on here.  Just goes to show that this site ‘could’ have all kinds of valuable information to make life for y’all easier.  I hope this is helpful to someone.


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Samar Property Guide

An area very much identified with the Visayas region, Samar Island is composed of three provinces: Samar Province, Eastern Samar, and Northern Samar. Not surprisingly, the provinces are sometimes interchanged with the other by those not familiar with the area, while in other instances, one of the three are mistakenly thought to encompass the entire island itself.

Local real estate can be equally confusing to the uninitiated, but it is best to believe that even if the three provinces are not as easy to distinguish from the other, each has merit as an investment and residential area.

Samar Province

Calbayog City, Samar Province via Itsme Hope19 / Wikimedia Commons

The largest of the three provinces with a total land area of 6,048 square kilometers, Samar Province is characterized by hilly mountain peaks ranging between 200 and 800 meters high with narrow strips of lowlands. Samar Province is divided into 24 municipalities, and two component cities, the capital Catbalogan, and the largest in terms of area, Calbayog City.

The latter is one of the better real estate locales in the province thanks to its total 880.74 square kilometers worth of land area. While very much a city, Calbayog’s land is generally divided into agriculture and forestry areas, with residential areas in between. As the city is not too prone to torrential rainfall, it’s an ideal place to invest in for residence, and agricultural and commercial activity.

Similarly, the municipality of Marabut is one with a great deal of residential and beach lots for sale, which are slightly more affordable given that it is not in the city. The municipalities of Sta. Margarita and Sta. Rita (yes, those are two different places) also have some properties for sale that are currently listed online.

Northern Samar

Catarman, Northern Samar via Pthfndr19 / Wikimedia Commons

Situated at the northernmost section of Samar Island (of course it is), Northern Samar is a province that is classified as very rural, and is largely comprised of low, rugged hills and small lowland areas. In spite of the province being quite rural, residents seem to enjoy landscape, with almost a third of its citizens living in this countryside.

True enough, Northern Samar is the only province on the island without a city. Most of its area, however, possesses soil that is relatively rich and fertile, and is said to allow most crops to grow on. Farm lots and agricultural land some of the most common properties for sale in the area.

Key areas in Northern Samar with residential and agricultural lots currently available on the market include Catarman, Laoang, Mondragon, and Bobon.


Eastern Samar

Borongan City, Eastern Samar via

Similar to its neighbors, the province of Eastern Samar has plenty of untouched landscape, making an ideal vacation destination as well as permanent residence for those who desire a pace that more laid back.

The ideal place to invest on property is unquestionably the province’s capital Borongan City. Apart from being Eastern Samar’s sole city and the center of its commercial activity, it is also the site of the province’s one operational airport, aptly called Borongan Airport.

With a centralized location, Borongan is relatively accessible to all the province’s municipalities, including Can-Avid, Maydolong, Taft, and Sulat. Situated at the easternmost section of the island, most also have available beachside properties, like those in the municipality of Dolores.



  1. John, sorry to have to correct you, but you mentioned that Northern Samar is without a city. Catarman is the Capital of that province which has a population of over 84,000. I have yet to visit Eastern Samar but it is on my to do list.

    • I agree. I guess I should have read that ad a bit closer. I did not write that, it came to me that way from the people that wanted the ad. I’ll do some checking to see why they would say such a thing.

    • Hi there guys, I have recently built a home with my Fiancé in Pagsanghan. I’ve seen many of your YouTube videos, and though my ID reach out to introduce my self. I am from Texas and my name is Justin.

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