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Samantha has Returned

Samantha has Returned



I have many notes and some of the things are starting to get old, so I need to get you up to date on a few things that have been happening around here.  Of course this post will not include any of our recent Space A trip (Our Journey Begins) or our trip to Miraculous Hot Springs.  As always I hope that something in this post will be beneficial to someone out there reading.

Lita has been doing some different cooking recently.  She has not been able to make things that she did in Texas because we do not have an oven.  Well that has changed (kind of).  I’m not saying here why, but if you continue to read about our Space A trip, you will find the answer there, just as soon as I write that part of the trip.  The first thing she made we called a beef roll.  She put 6 strips of bacon on a sushi roller, added (almost cooked) ground beef, cheese and hot peppers.  She then rolled it up and cooked it until “I” thought it was done.  I like bacon more on the crispy side.  I just say it was pretty dang good and the relatives seemed to like it also.

Beef Roll

Actually Scott was here and he liked it also.  He called it “tasty”, although he says that about just about everything he eats, he had a little smile on his face this time.  All I can tell you for certain is that I liked it and won’t mind having those again.

Scott was here to install Windows 10 on my computer.  We are still within the window for Windows 10 to get a free certified copy.  I’m not sure when that runs out, but Scott probably does and you could contact him for that information.  He only charged me P500 to install that and he also upgraded a couple of other things for me and deleted some files that were slowing my computer down.  You can contact Scott at:

So Juvic, Neil and Samantha are visiting us.  Actually at the moment it’s only Samantha that is visiting.  Juvic & Neil only stayed a day or two and then they were off to Cebu, Palawan and other places for a little vacation by themselves.  I’m not sure how long they will be in the Philippines, but their little vacation is like 3 weeks long.  I’m guessing that they will stay here in Calbayog for only 2 or 3 more days after they return.  I’d like to see more of them, especially Juvic, but I know they have their own lives to live now.  For Samantha it’s just about like she never left.  By that I mean she still remembered where nana (Lita) hid the candy.  Actually there are 2 places and she remembered them both.  She still likes Hi 5 and play-doh and I’ve been watching a lot, a lot, a lot of those on my computer with her.  I turn the sound up and point the speakers out the window.  I figure that if I have to listen to so much of it, so do the other relatives.  Yeah, she’s driving me crazy again, but I’ll sure miss her after she returns to Australia.

Scott came back by the next day after he installed Win 10 because I was having a little problem with the sound.  Turned out to be easy to fix.  While he was here in also installed something called Air Droid.  He did that for free.  It sure makes it fast, faster than Bluetooth, to transfer videos from the tablet to the computer.

Well that’s it for now.  In the next post I’ll let y’all know about a visitor we had, some security, a little bit more of Lita’s cooking and a special drunk I had.

Salamat Y’all



  1. Well I should be here if you come by. If you let me know a little early, I might be able to get Randy (Retired in Samar blog) to come by. Not sure, but I could try.

  2. uj were in sorsogon going to try to get over there. maybe tomorrow

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