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Sad Happy News

Sad Happy News



The beginning of another rainy day in Calbayog.  I’ve got a few notes and they should be plenty for a decent post.  I really just wanted to get a post out as soon as possible so y’all won’t forget about me.  We’ve got people coming and going around here, mostly going these days.  Here’s the rundown on all the happenings.

4 Nov – Samantha left this morning to go back to Australia.  Of course there were many tears again.  She didn’t really want to go and tried her best to stay, but being on 3 years old, she didn’t have much say in it.  She did bring her mommy and daddy with her (Juvic & Neil), so she should be alright.  They are suppose to be back in March for Poppa’s 94th birthday.  I hope so, but we’ll have to wait and see.   I saw some pictures of Samantha at Mall of Asia later in the day, because their flight was leaving late, and she looked happy again, playing.  Oh, the complex life of a 3 year old.

Samantha playing at Mall of Asia 5 Nov 15

5 Nov – I saw a message on Facebook from Juvic.  They made it home safely, but the flight was really bumpy as they got close to Sydney.   After they got back safely, she sent a video of what they had to fly through to get back.  Here is a link to that Facebook video:  Sky News Video – Cloud Tsunami.

6 Nov – Normally we get a lot of rain, but not much with the thunder.  Today was an exception.  Although the rain wasn’t a downpour, there was a lot of thunder.  I even thought about turning the computer off for awhile there, but I didn’t and I didn’t regret it either.  No problems with the computer.

Today I discovered a TV series that I never heard of before.  It’s one from the US and I’m not sure if it’s even still running.  It’s called “Stitchers”.  I’ve seen the first 5 episodes and I liked them all. I think there are only like 10 episodes, maybe 12 in Season 1.  There is not a Season 2 listed, so that’s what’s got me curious on if it’s even still on TV.  Anyone know?

Grace, Samantha, Juvic, Victor and Judith

Well I was going to put things that happen on 7 Nov too (that’s today), but the day is not over yet.  It’s only 4:30 pm at the moment.  I’m sure something else will happen today (I hope all good) so I’m going to wait on that one and do another post soon.  There is some good stuff that happen today.  Well good as in lots of information.  Some of it is good and bad, some good. At least none of it is ‘all’ bad, at least not yet (knock on wood).

I like to try to give out as much information as I can that I think is or could be useful to others, especially about Calbayog.  I found a story on my Facebook about S&R Bed and Breakfast and it was a nice looking page about S&R, so I decided to put the link here in case anyone wanted to check it out.

S & R Bed and Breakfast

In case you haven’t figured it out or didn’t even think about it, the title of this post is named that way because although a lot of this news is sad, it’s also happy because everyone is okay.

Salamat Y’all



  1. hi UJ
    well we made it home last night here which was 10 nov. so today we are getting over are jet lag and going out to collect on a free veteran day meal. we had a asome time while we were back in sorsogon city & injoyed time with family and a some time with expats that live there. we all got together a couple times for swimming at the hot springs and a trip to the beach. when we would all get together there was guys from U.S., UK, Australia, new zealand, poland, holland, switzerland,& Germany so it was kind of like a united nations meeting. they all live there full time for the most part some may leave for a month or two. to go visit family back home and renew there BB stamp.
    we had some early morning showers in sorsogon on the 6th and 7th with a little thunder.
    the best thing was for the 30 days we where home this time we had no brown outs. I’m pretty sure that was the first time I’ve had that luck.
    Sorry we didn’t get over to visit. But seems like something was always coming up. maybe we can make it over next time.
    with all the talk about the bullet money scam going on at the airport. from what I will say if people would use some common since & pay attention to there luggage and surroundings they should be fine. after I packed my luggage no one and I mean no one but me and my wife handled it till it was checked in to the airline. yet I seen people leave there luggage setting alone at the casino, hotel lobby, and letting porters and other people handle it at the airport as far as I’m concerned there leaving thereself vulnerable. Sadly We known that there are scammers everywhere that if they see a opertunity they will do it. Without any remorse.

    • That’s something I miss about the US, those free Veteran’s Day meals. I saw one place giving free, large chicken fried steaks. That’d be the place I’d be heading for. I can’t remember where that was though.
      Well I wish you could have gotten over here too, but your UN get together was probably pretty awesome. There are so many expats living here that I have not even met yet. I should get out more, but I don’t.
      It rains around here about every day, at least for a little while. The brown outs have started happening more often again, but the longest one recently has only been about 1 hour long. Those I can handle okay.
      When at airports my wife and I also always watch our luggage. I just don’t trust people enough on that. I thought the bullets were being planted by the luggage checkers? We use Space A most of the time anyway.
      So when are you planning to be back? Maybe we can get together then. I can relate to the “something always coming up”. It seems like if you try to plan something good for yourself, that happens a lot of times.

      • going to try to get back in may if I can get the wife to agree. so we will see how that goes.

        • Okay. In May we will be celebrating the beginning of our 6th year here. Man the time sure has gone by fast. When you’re young and want to be older, the time drags, but when you’re older and retired and want the time to drag, it goes back fast. That’s messed up.

  2. UJ, did I miss the end to the Balikbayan visa run story?

    • No you did not. I just posted it. I know it’s very late. I’ll try to get the next ones out a lot sooner. There are probably 2, maybe 3 more posts for that.

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