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Moving, Cleaning and Waiting

Moving, Cleaning and Waiting



Yes I know I’ve put this off for too many days.  After the first week of 2016, things have slowed down back to normal and I figured I should spread out what little information I have.  I still have enough information for 2 or 3 more posts right now, but nothing much at all has happen around here.  I suppose I could come up with something, but then it would be like when I first started the blog, doing posts everyday.  They were long and extra boring.  That’s compared to not so long and no so boring now.  Something that I did do this evening was talk with my son on Facebook.  He and the grandsons are moving to Carrizo Springs Texas.  It’s a small town southwest of San Antonio.  He is moving into a house there with his new girlfriend, their first house together.  That will put him a lot closer for us when we travel back to Texas via Space A, since the flight normally goes into San Antonio, south side even.  But let’s get back to what’s been happening around here.  This post will be for 6 Jan and I think it will be enough for just that one day.  Days 7 & 8 also have quite a bit of data, but it falls off sharply after that.

Carrizo Springs TX main drag

On 6 Jan Lita decided it was a good day to do spring cleaning.  It’s times like this that I’m glad we have Femia (Pam) because she helps clean instead of me.  We only have 4 rooms in our house, including the bathroom and counting the computer room separate from the bedroom although there is actually no door.  The bulk of the cleaning went to the bedroom, which probably is the room that needed extensive cleaning the most.  The kitchen/dining area would be #2 on that list of needed cleaning.

Today was the day that we actually moved the refrigerator to the computer room, although I already posted that it is moved and had pictures.  The new refrigerator at this point was still not repaired, but she insisted on moving the old one now.  Actually I moved the refrigerator mostly by myself.  Pam helped me pick it up, but I told her to move and I carried it in.  It’s not so heavy and it was easier to move without her trying to help, although she is a good worker.  When the new refrigerator gets fixed we will move things around and be sure that almost all the drinks are in the computer room refrigerator.  Since we moved the refrigerator today it’s also the day that I did all the adjusting for the computer and getting it plugged in another outlet so it would not be in the same one as the refrigerator.

Bedroom during spring cleaning

When doing what little cleaning I did do in the computer room, I found an old mouse (computer type, not rodent type), a clock that we have not used in a long time (it’s 110v) and a the set of speaker I had.  That’s the ones that I think got zapped during the thunderstorm.  I’m going to try them again and if they don’t work, well I’ll figure out something to do with them.  Before I toss them, I’ll as someone if they want them.  I’m not sure if they could be fix (if they don’t work), but, thanks to Scott informing me about them, I’ve got some excellent speakers now (Edifier) and I’m not that concerned anymore.

I also found an external hard drive that I forgot I had.  I got it from Mar for my birthday, a couple of birthdays ago I think.  It was either my 55th or 56th birthday.  I’ll be 58 on 18 Jan, so whenever it was, I still have it and now I plan on keeping it handy and putting whatever movies I can on it.  It’s a 320gb drive and it now has every movie on it that I have on the computer. I’m wondering if I should delete the movies on the computer now.  I have plenty of space on the computer, so I’m thinking that maybe it would be best to leave them on there unless I start running out of space (which I doubt), then I could delete those and I’d still have them.  I was just wondering if any of y’all had any experience with that kind of stuff?

Gaisano Supermarket construction

Well that’s all I have for now.  I expect the Giasano Supermarket to be open by this time next month, but they have fooled me, and others, before.  I figure that I will wait and do any shopping around payday in March.  The first week or so of a new store opening I usually avoid.  By the way, the parking at this supermarket is going to be minimal, so if you plan on going, it would be best to get there early or park away from it and walk or take a trike the rest of the way.  I got that parking information from “Retired in Samar” and he got it straight from the source.  He did a short interview with the supermarket manager.  Check it out at his page.  He also has other interesting things going on at his site.

Salamat Y’all



  1. Hey John see you got rid of that funky pass word crap. Maybe I can leave Post on your site again. You must of bought your Frig same place I did. Just to let you know their Repair guys probable come from Tacloban and only come to Calbayog when they have more then 1 job to do. I think it took them 3 weeks to show up at my house. And I was calling them every other day asking where the hell they was at. Just to let you know will not make it to Philippines this Year. Wife got ideal to take whole family on Sea Cruise to Alaska even though she gets sea sick even before they throw the lines off. So guess won’t be back until 2017 unless I can twist her arm earlier. As soon as weather clears here thinking about taking trip to Oklahoma to see Outlaws. Happy belated Birthday. Mine was Jan 20 am 68 now. Wish I was still 17 like the first time I landed in Philippines and know what I know now. Ha! Ha!

    • Well George I’m glad your comment got through now. I’m thinking that soon all this blog might look different. Not sure on that yet. They did tell us that the repair guy was in Tacloban, so maybe it’s the same place. We bought ours at Willy & Sons downtown. If it’s the same place, you must be talking your new refrigerator because this place is pretty new to the area.
      Well shoot, now I’m going to have to find another place to have a beer drinking fest. I hope you have a great time on the cruise, even with the sickie wife. I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’d like to someday, in the near not so distant future.
      So I’m 10 years and 2 days younger than you. I hope that when/if I get as old as you, I’ll still be telling you the same thing, over a couple of San Miguels. I don’t know if I’d want to be 17 again, but if I was single and 28, instead of 58, this would sure be a nice place to hang out.
      See ya when you get here, whenever that is.

  2. Let’s try this again test test test…….
    By the way why didn’t you just get a new fridge instead of them fixing a brand new one that you just purchased. My wife sister had a fridge that was 6 months old and broke. They replaced it with a new one.

    • It was a very minor repair Roger, not a big deal, but it just takes them so long to do simple things. The refrigerator she got is the only one they had in stock and there is no way I’m waiting on them to get a new one in. It could be a month or so. I see you used a different e-mail for this comment. That is why it didn’t post right away. You should be good to go with either e-mail now.

  3. Thank you Rich.

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