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New Random Thoughts

New Random Thoughts


Sometimes I wonder if I should continue with this blog or not.  I go for many long stretches and do not have any new posts.  I do not take notes for everyday like I did when I first started the blog.  Also when I am down and out, which I was for about a week, I usually do not bother even getting on the computer much.  During the week I was pretty much confined to the bed I only got online to check my mail and check for any questions on my blogs.  Nothing but spam.  That’s another reason why I wonder if my blog does any good, not very many comments.  I do get messages from people every now and then thanking me for the blog though.  They say it helps them and since that was my goal for the blog when I first started it, it helps me continue on with it.  I guess I’ll go with it for awhile longer and see how things go.  I get more action, comments, ad clicks and views on my other blog.  Of course it has a much wider audience, so that’s not really a fair comparison.  Like I said, I haven’t written anything down, but I’ve got a few things in my head that have happen recently and a couple of things I’d like to bring you up to date on.

I guess I’ll do a couple of shorter posts and put one in now and schedule the other for a couple of days from now.  I actually already typed a couple of paragraphs and I’m adding this paragraph to the front of them.  I started with the more recent things and the next post will be probably more things, but just a little bit older and maybe less interesting for y’all, maybe not.  I always hope that whatever I type in here will somehow help someone in some way.

Calbayog City Super Metro

Photo from: Calbayog Journal

I was just talking with Randy on Facebook a few minutes ago and I did get an idea for something to do for the blog.  I want to wait a few more days so my leg will be more completely healed and then I’ll see if I can make the thought in my head look good in a post.  I have the basic idea, but it’s going to take a little thought on just exactly what to do and say, so I’ll reflect on that while I’m waiting on this leg.  I’m not saying what it is right now, in case I have to change it to something else, if the original thought doesn’t look like it will work out.

Well finally on 12 Feb 2016 the Metro Supermarket opened here in Calbayog.  I hear it is a pretty awesome store, even better than the Robinson Supermarket that we have been going to in Tacloban.  Of course this one is much closer also.  I have not been inside the new supermarket yet.  I do not like going to places that just opened because it is way too crowded.  I plan my first visit on 2 Mar, right after payday.  I’m hoping that some of the “new” will be worn off by then and the aisles will be less crowded and the lines a lot shorter.  I’m told there are 2 floors.  The first floor is the supermarket and the 2nd floor is the department store.  I am not expecting to be able to go in there and it will be like shopping at an HEB or Albertsons, but I am expecting more than we have had here.  I’ve learned that the fruit and vegetable section is really nice and the meat department is pretty good too.  I’ve even heard that they have ready made sandwiches there.  I’m hoping those sandwiches are ones that have things I like on them.  If not well at least have the makings of a decent sandwich within the store.  All I really need, for the most part usually, is (good) ham, (good) cheese, tomatoes and lettuce.  Of course salami would be nice.  I’ve heard there is also a deli in there, but it’s not like a stateside deli.  There are no cold cuts for slicing.  I’m curious to see just what their deli looks like.  The hoagie rolls would be something I’d like too.  Anyway, I’ll let y’all know what I find out and I hope I remember to bring my camera to take a few pictures of the inside.  I wonder if there is a pharmacy?  I sent a message to Randy on Facebook to ask him, he’s been there like 4 times already, but he is not on right now.  Maybe he will answer soon.

Salamat Y’all



  1. There is nothing there at Super Metro that resembles hogie rolls. NOTHING! The deli is nothing but a collection of Longanisas and pig liver and I believe other exotic cuts of stuff that I don’t eat? I’m thinking Scott does not know what a Deli is. Today though, Teri bought some good tenderloin and nice bell peppers and made some peppersteak. That’s what’s for dinner! Yum!!!

  2. Sorry to disappoint you John, but there are no ready made sandwiches, there is no deli in the supermarket and there are no hogie rolls. Sounds like somebody has been pulling your chain! The produce section is nice and offers some things you cannot find on the outside, like lettuce, celery, bell peppers, etc. But be prepared to spend more overall on the fruits and produce. My wife has already decided that she will continue to buy her onions, garlic, tomatoes, cabbage…. all her local produce at the outside markets (except for what you cannot get there at Super Metro). There are already plenty of photos of the store and contents online. Check it out here…

    • Well according to Scott, they had some kind of sandwiches there and a ‘kind of’ deli. Maybe he just doesn’t understand what a deli is. I was wondering why they would have them at this store but not at other supermarkets I’ve been to in the Philippines. I’m going to do a thorough walk-through of the store, at least the first floor, pretty soon. I’ll scope it all out for myself. I’ll have Lita with me, so I’ll probably have to come back another time to see the 2nd floor. She doesn’t walk very much because she gets tired too easily. Yep, that is quite a number of pictures. I saw the pharmacy I was asking about in one of those pictures. I’m also wondering if they have computer chairs at that place. Computer chairs strong enough to hold up all of me. That is something I will definitely look for when I get to go upstairs.
      As for the sandwiches, I guess if they have decent meat there, I can buy some hoagie looking rolls, or at least close. Use that meat, get some tomatoes, lettuce, maybe green peppers,cucumbers and a couple of other types of vegetables and mustard to make my own. I’ll pass on the cheese half of the time, but I’ll get some for like every other sandwich instead of every sandwich.

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