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Man, 2 Kids Seriously Hurt as ‘Goons’ Strike in Samar

Man, 2 Kids Seriously Hurt as ‘Goons’ Strike in Samar



CATBALOGAN CITY — (UPDATE – 8:48 p.m.) Three persons, two of them young girls, were seriously injured when unidentified motorcycle-riding gunmen struck in Calbayog City, Samar Saturday.

The target of the attack, which happened near a beach resort in Barangay Bagacay, was Jimboy Tomnob, also known as Jimboy Doinog, who was wounded in the forearm.

When Tomnob ran after being hit, the gunmen chased him still firing but hit one of the girls, 14, in the head, and the other, 12, in the chest.

Responding police failed to catch the gunmen, who fled toward the city center.

The victims were rushed to a local medical facility but the youngsters had to be transferred to a better equipped hospital in Tacloban city, more than 200 kilometers away, from where the 14-year old with the head wound again needed to be rushed to Ormoc City because there was no available neurosurgeon.

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  1. It saddens me to see this. Two innocents cut down. Caught in some low lifes power struggle and as usual the Keystone Kops are incapable of coming to any kind of resolution. It makes me pause to reconsider my moves in the near future.

    • I hear ya Mark. I can say that I have never felt threatened since I’ve been here, but I know there is nothing to do about the wrong place, wrong time syndrome. I actually feel safer here than most ‘big’ cities in the US, but Calbayog is not that big of a city and things really need to get better around here. Seems impossible that so many killings can go unsolved.

  2. Hospitals with good Health Care is one reason I cannot get my wife to retire or spend more then a month in the Philippines. She is afraid that if something happens while in Calbayog they will give you a couple of Hail Mary’s and a Pill and tell you to find another Hospital which has Modern Equipment and Doctors.

    • Well George she’s right. I mean if something terrible happens to someone here, then they would at the least need to be transferred to Tacloban. They might have to go to Ormoc (as in this story), Cebu or even Manila. Just getting to the hospital on these roads here could kill you. Flying to Cebu or Manila could take awhile. It would be great to have better, more modern medical care around here, but unless something drastic happens, I’m not seeing that anytime soon. I’m gonna keep hoping for it though.

  3. I try to keep away from posting any bad news. There is just too much of it everywhere in the world and, besides, I’m no reporter! I’ll stick with the feel good stuff! 😀

    • Well although it’s certainly not pleasant to post, I believe in telling it like it is. Sure it nice living here, but we are definitely not without our problems, no place is. I see so many website that only portray the good, when people need to know some of the bad also.

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