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Fanning an Electrical Breeze

Fanning an Electrical Breeze



It’s Sunday morning, 3 April and Lita went to church early this morning.  Mass starts at 0600 but, even though it’s only like a 2 minute walk from the house, she likes to leave around 0530 so she can sit where she wants to.  I guess some seats in there are better than others.  She normally goes to church at least once per week, but a minimum of twice per month.  This Sunday is the Sunday before our 36th wedding anniversary so I went with her to carry some candles and a bottle of wine.  I suppose that is for a special communion to help bless our marriage.  She does this every year and , well it’s been 36 years, so maybe it’s working.  Or maybe it’s just that I have incredible patience.  Titing and Neneng also went to church, it’s Pam’s day off, so I’m home alone.  That’s fine with me.  I take alone time whenever I can get it.  I can hear them at the church so they must be using a loud speaker.  I think that loud speaker and a new bell is going to make this an every Sunday thing.  I’ll be able to hear what’s going on there, from here.  I can’t understand it, but I know it’s going on.

Shortly after they got home from church (about 0710), I smelled something burning.  It smelled like something electrical.  I checked the computer and just about every fan in the house (we’ve got 6 of them), but it was not any of those.  It turned out that Titing had a short circuit on his tricycle out front.  The window is open so I could smell it pretty strongly.  He was already out there working on it by the time I found out where it was coming from.

Kamalig Event Center dance floor

The fan man came by today, as per our request.  He has 2 fans to fix today.  One belongs to Neneng and the other is ours.  The fan I use by my side of the bed went out again.  It lasted a good 5 months this time before crapping out.  Titing is also suppose to be talking to him about putting a fan above the table we have out front.  A little constant breeze out there would be nice.  The humidity here is terrible.  I’d be able to sit outside longer, drinking beer or whatever and it just might help keep a few of the flies away.

I have it on good authority that the Kamalig Event Center will be opening back up.  It will be different management and they will just be leasing for now.  I suppose if things go well, they will purchase it, but I don’t really know about that part.  From what I understand they are going to be trying to keep the same menu the previous management had.  It was a very good menu, that’s for sure.  They had the only restaurant hamburgers that I could eat around here.  Of course I do eat them at home when my wife makes them.  I know that I will be one of their customers when they get opened back up.  I’ll keep you up to date on things as I find out about them.

Kamalig double cheese burger

Well I’m trying to keep these posts between 500-600 words from now on, so I guess I’ll be closing this one.  For the next post I’ll be starting on 4 April and I did something that day that I have never done here in Calbayog before.  Stay tuned to see what that is.

Salamat Y’all


  1. It sounds like if it wasn’t for you and Lita, the fan guy would be unemployed! You have such poor luck with fans. We have one fan going on three years and it still operates as good as the day we bought it. We keep it cleaned regularly, especially the housing vents.

    • Sometimes I think the same thing about that fan man. The fan in the bedroom lasted like 4 1/2 years before it started petering out. It’s been fixed like 4 times since then though. The rest of the fans were all used fans when we bought them, except the new one we just bought, so there’s no telling how long they’ve been around.

  2. So did she come home drunk from the bottle of wine she took to church to drink. If I would have went I would have had to take me a six pack of beer.
    All I’m saying is if I’m going to have a bottle of wine and candles me and the wife will enjoy are night at home together……

    • No, not drunk. She probably had to share the wine and it wasn’t enough to phase her.

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