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Happy Anniversary to Us

Happy Anniversary to Us



I’m trying to get a post in here every 2 or 3 days for a couple of reasons.  The most important reason is to try to keep y’all informed about things going on around here.  The second reason being that the more I post the more Google recognizes me and I get a higher rating.  So let’s get on with the post.

A little past noon on the 6 of April Titing & Neneng decided to head out to Malajog Beach.  They went alone on their motorbike.  They returned around 6:30 pm so I guess they had a pretty good time.

Also today I found out that Metro Supermarket has mozzarella cheese in the block form.  That’s a kind of rare thing around here, so Lita headed there to buy some.  I was told that it was like P145 ($3.15) for only 190 grams, so it’s not so cheap, but I’m sure Lita will buy 2 or 3 of them.  Supposedly it has been hidden behind lumpia wrappers this whole time and no one knew it was there.  Update: When Lita came back, she bought mozzarella cheese alright, 3 of them, but she bought slices, not the block.  Oh well, it’s still mozzarella.  I’ll help her look for the block mozzarella next month when we go grocery shopping.

The 7th of April, our 36th wedding anniversary.  Sometimes I wonder how we did it, but other times it seems so easy.  Mostly I wonder how she has put up with me all these years.  I’m not so easy to get along with at times, even though I’m easy going.  I went into the kitchen to tell her Happy Anniversary.  She was watching TV in there and I guess she was concentrating highly on what she was watching because when I touched her shoulder, she jumped and got a bit upset at me.  At least she won’t forget that I said Happy Anniversary.  We have nothing special planned for today, but we will be having a party for ourselves on Saturday the 9th.  The party is to be at Marianne & Leevan’s restaurant, ChowKit on Navarro St.  They have pretty good food there and I’m not just saying that because they are kin.  From what I understand the pancit and sising are very good.  I don’t eat sising and the noodles here are not too much to my liking so I hardly ever eat pancit either.  However I got it on good authority for another expat that it is good stuff there.  The cheese sticks are good there I know, but they are small.  It’s definitely worth a visit to see what you think.  

 portrait john jackson

ChowKit is also the place that I’m thinking of having a 4th of July party.  This is the first time I’ve made this public because I have not gotten all the details yet.  I hope to have the party there, but I might have to charge a little bit because I wanted to make it all you can eat and drink.  This party on Saturday will give me an idea of about how much food and drinks will cost so I’ll know what kind of money were talking about here.  Keep it in mind though if you are/will be here.

Well that’s enough for today, I’m within my word limit.  I’ll be staring with 8 April on the next post.  Some good things coming up, so stay tuned.

Salamat, Y’all


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Lita, UJ. It’s great to see another interracial couple marriage last this long. We shared exact wedding date, unfortunately, mine didn’t last as long as yours (:

    • Thank you. I guess everyone can’t be married for so long. It’s not always easy, but I’m patient with her. I’m not really known for my patience, but I make an exception for her. I’m sure I get on her nerves quite often too.

  2. Sorry I’m late been kind of busy. As we are working on are move to the Philippines . So hope you had a wonderful anniversary.

    • Thank you Roger. We had a normal anniversary. Nothing special, just a nice little party. When/If we get to 40 years, then we will do something extra.

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