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Blogging and Beautifying

Blogging and Beautifying



I have discovered a negative thing about me taking notes to put items in the blog.  I was doing it because I do not have the best memory in the world, but that also is the reason that is negative.  I take so many notes, so I won’t forget something important, but I get behind on typing.  By the time I get to them, it can be old news.  Also I forget sometimes and mention something in a post from the notes that I have not gotten to yet.  Also when I’m writing it gets etched in my brain and when it comes time to type, I keep thinking I told y’all already, so I have to double check to make sure I didn’t.  It’s a mess.  I figure there are 3 solutions.  1) I could go back to taking short notes, an outline type thing, and hoping when the time comes to type, the notes will trigger my memory of all the details. 2) I could start doing again what I did when I first started the blog, do a post everyday.  I quit doing it that way because some days were just so boring and I didn’t want to bore y’all with my boredom.  3) On the days that I have something I think is worth writing about, just write it no matter how short or long it is.  At the moment I’m inclined to do the last one mostly, but on days when we have power outages or for some reason I actually don’t have time or can’t sit down to do a post, just revert to #1 and do the post at the next possible day that I can.  Your thoughts on this?  If I was doing this post the new way, the next sentence would be the end of this post. Would this short post be worth your time?


Lita has made lasagna like 3 times this month.  It’s the first times since we’ve been here that she has made it.  She has used 2 different kinds of pasta and neither are really to her liking.  The first one that half of the noodles fell apart tasted better than the 2nd type that didn’t fall apart.  I don’t have the name of either, but I think the 2nd one was in a green box and ‘harvest’ something was the name.  

Lita has begun having our area prettied up.  She had more of the area painted.  We call the color Bagacay Green, but I think it is actually called Indian Green.  It’s a dark green, the same color as what the front of our fence was painted.  Plus she’s having some hanging orchids hung from the overhang out front.  I guess it will look okay, but I’m not much of a keeper of flowers.  I do think that fields of flowers look good, but just hanging up in or around the house not so much. Whatever she wants is fine.  We did get a new water hose out of it though so it will be easier for Femia (Pam) to water them.  Maybe I can use the water hose sometimes to spray the cats that like to fight out front.

Since I’m keeping these short and sweet.  I’m ending this post and starting on another one now.  I’ll just schedule the next one for tomorrow or the next day.

Salamat Y’all



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