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Camera Beer Test

Camera Beer Test



I did do a final test for those marks that appear on my arms when I’m out in the sun.  It was suggested that maybe it’s the aspirin I’ve been taking and it thins out my blood.  Well after the first 2 tests of walking close to the house, I didn’t get any.  Today (18 May) I took a walk to the other side of the parking lot of the Calbayog Public Market and back home.  It’s only about a quarter of a mile, but I got a good long exposure to the sun and that’s all I wanted to do.  When I got home I took a shower and went about my daily business, which is mostly updating my Space A blog ( UJ Space A Info), checking Facebook, surfing the internet, listening to music and watching shows on the computer.  As you can see, I’m on the computer a lot.  Later when I checked, no marks.  So I’m going to say that the aspirin is what has been causing the problem.  Thanks George for the insight.


Now maybe I’ll be able to get out and make more videos and take more pictures without getting all marked up or wet from walking in the rain (and no sun).  Now all I need to do is get my camera phone fixed.  I have a tablet and a cell phone (that I never use as a phone), but the tablet I think needs a new battery because when I unplug it from the charger, it goes out in like 5 seconds.  Of course when I plug it back into the charger, it says it’s like 70% charged, so it could be something else.  I guess I’ll have to have it checked out.  As for the camera phone, well it tells me that I need to delete some pictures because I have too many.  I only have 2 pictures in it.  A memory problem?  I suppose.  I’ll get that checked out too.

I believe we are having a beer shortage around here.  The beer truck hasn’t been by in 2 weeks again and the warehouse  downtown is out also.  I think I have 4, maybe 5 beers left in the refrigerator.  Maybe the recent rash of festivals, coupled with people stocking up before and after the 2 days of no alcohol buying due to the recent elections, has drained their supplies.  It would seem that they would be use to such things by now and plan for it.  It’s not really the Filipino way.  I suppose since I can’t really change it, I need to live with it.  It doesn’t make much sense to my way of thinking though.  It’s already 21 May now, so I’ll have to wait it out or buy the larger, 1 liter, beers.  I don’t like getting those because if you don’t drink the whole thing, then you have to store it in the refrigerator and it could get flat on me.  I have no problem drinking 1 or 2 of the 1/3 liter bottles at a sitting.  Unless it’s a designated drinking day, then I normally only drink 1 or 2 of the smaller ones per day.  Of course if it is a drinking day, I would normally drink 2 to 3 of the 1 liter bottles.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  It depends.

Salamat Y’all




  1. Well now that you can get out without the sun bothering you. Do you have a pier or beach close to you that you could take a early morning walk? It would be better then sitting around the house all day.
    Have you tried to delete everything on your phone and reset it to factory settings?

    • We do have a little beach not so far away. I need to get back downtown now to take some more videos of the streets and I have a couple of other ideas for videos too. As for the phone, well that’s been taken care of. I’ll have the details in the next post in a few days.

      • You do know that they recommend you take low dose aspirins to cut down on Strokes and Heart Attacks. I have to take 325 dose now because I have had the Artery in my right leg clog up twice and had to have operated on. Second time was when they put me on 325 dose and Plavix which will be rest of life. Good thing I do not have to pay for Plavix out of my pocket or will be in poor house at $700.00 for 90 day supply.

        • Well that’s why I was taking the aspirin everyday. I was taking the 80mg tablets, isn’t that considered low dose. They have lower here, I think 60mg and even 40mg I believe. I wonder if an even lower dose would be helpful in the preventing strokes and heart attacks department? I guess I’ll check out Web MD or see if Google is still my friend.
          $700 for 90 days? I was complaining about my most expensive medication that cost P72 per tablet, which comes out to about $140 for a 90 days supply. I could get that back with Tricare, but I have never bothered to do it. When I get back to Texas in September I will be getting a free, at least, 90 day supply. I’m going to try to find a way to get more, but as far as I know, 90 days is all I can get.

          • Now that Calbayog is Progressing. Maybe more retired Military will start moving in and you can start an American Legion Post. And get all your Medical Refills sent to FPO Box.

          • Now that would be wonderful if we could do that, but I doubt it’s something that will happen in my lifetime. Things progress slow around here, you know that George. I’d even volunteer to work in the post office part of the American Legion. I really hope I’m wrong and it’s something that can be accomplished in the very near future.

    • Roger, you will run out of oxygen trying to tell him to get some exercise. The last time I nearly had him motivated about going to the local health club, he did go and check it out. When I asked him about working out, he said he just went down there to take a look and he would begin working out the next Monday! That was nearly 6 months ago. lol

      • I’m procrastinating, I’ll do it, eventually. Hopefully I’ll start before it’s too late. I wonder how much it would cost to get one of those machines for in the house. I know I would do that everyday if I had one right here. An elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike (in that order) is what I need. I’m going to check into the prices now. Does anyone, close to me reading this, got one that works that they want to sell?

        • First I don’t understand why you would not turn in a claim form to tricare for your medication. $140 a month that would cover your monthly beer cost and more. Now about that machine for your house don’t waste your money. You could get a much better workout going swimming or taking a hike. Getting a machine in your house and staring at it and saying tomorrow is not going to work.
          It would be like going to Zumba and watching them workout if you don’t join it doesn’t help. Hahaha

          • It’s $140 for 3 months, not per month, so at least that’s a little better. I don’t always spend that much either because I don’t always take my medication everyday. I forget sometimes so it usually lasts a little bit longer.
            I do like walking so I could do that. Of course I say that often and rarely do take that walk. The humidity here makes me sweat so much I’m really dripping wet by the time I get home from a walk downtown and back, and that’s only like 2 miles round trip. I really hope I can make myself get out there and walk. I also could take my videos so that should be an initiative for me.
            Going to Zumba to watch is not so terrible either, depending on who is in the class exercising.

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