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Trike Handyman and Videos

Trike Handyman and Videos



As I was looking through my newly reformatted phone, trying to set the date, time and snoop around a little, I noticed something that I did not expect to find.  When they reformat isn’t it suppose to delete ‘everything’?  Is there two levels of reformatting?  I’m wondering because all my phone numbers were still in the phone.  Shouldn’t those have been deleted?  I could be wrong, I often am, but I sure wasn’t expecting them to still be in there.  Probably 20%-25% of them are wrong now anyway.  I can think of 3 maybe 4 of them that are for sure.  I’ll have to check on the others soon.

Until we can sell our tricycle, we have a driver.  It’s Ninoy, our handyman.  I guess he doesn’t make enough money being a handyman, so he needs more work.  We hope to sell the tricycle for 40K, use about 15K of that to pay off a debt, buy a couple of things for the computer (new headphones & new mouse), buy some groceries, get a new battery for my cell phone and tablet and then save the rest of it for our trip in September. I’m not sure Lita is planning on going to Texas this year, but it’s our year to go and I’m going.  She’ll probably go too.  I know she misses our son and grandsons.

I rode downtown and did quite a bit of walking around.  I recorded 2 videos, which I have already posted: Tomas Gomez St. and Bugallon St.  On that second one I had to cut it a bit shorter than I wanted because my battery was low, although it was fully charged when I left the house.  It’s long enough though.  My street videos don’t seem to do very well anymore, so I think I’m going to have to move on to something else.  I need more people to subscribe to my video channel  (UJ You Tube Video Channel) so I’ll have to come up with something good.  Seems like a lot of people are doing lots of videos for Calbayog things days, so it’s hard to come up with something different.  I’ll take suggestions.  I did end up walking most of the way home that day.  If it wasn’t so humid, I could have walked all the way back.

Doce Restaurant

A friend of Lita’s has asked to rent our little space out front.  She wants to begin next month and sell food.  I’ll keep y’all up to date on that and I’ll be sure to get some pictures of it once it is operational.  Lita is just happy to have the rent money she will be giving us each month.  If Lita is happy, I’m happy.

I noticed that the entrance for Doce Restaurant has changed.  I haven’t been back in there yet so I don’t know if they moved the whole thing to the other end of the building or if they just bought out the whole building and made the place like 3 times larger.  That’s something I’ll have to check out very soon.

Salamat Y’all







  1. On the trike you should just keep renting it out daily instead of selling it. What year, bike CC, and the condition of the bike .Glad to see you did get out for a short walk.

    • I never wanted to have this trike business, that’s all on Lita. I’ll be happy to be rid of it and have some cash to pay off one of the only 3 bills (no including utilities) that we have. I don’t know much about motorcycles, but I can tell you that it is a 2012 and is a 4 stroke engine. Condition is still good, it’s still being used until it is sold.

  2. When they formatted your phone, that erased all the phone numbers stored in the phone’s memory. The numbers you still see are most likely stored on your phone’s SIM card.

    • Okay, makes sense. That solves that mystery for me.

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