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Upcoming Adventure

Upcoming Adventure



This is to inform all that next month my wife and I will be traveling.  We are going to Texas for a short while.  Right now it looks like we will be gone at least 6 weeks.  Lita wants to wait until after the Calbayog fiesta, which I understand is Sept 8th.  Since we are here in balikbayan status, we have until 24 Sept to depart the country for at least a day.  Yes we could get our 13a (me) and 13g (her) Visas and not have to worry about such things, but we don’t mind having to leave every year.  It’s actually good for us.  Maybe when we get a little older we will consider the Visas. We need to see our son, grandsons and my parents, whom are not getting any younger unfortunately.  We only go back every other year and our last trip was only for 2 weeks.  So a longer visit is necessary this time.  I’m hoping that we leave in Sept and return right after our November payday, before we can spend any of the money.  I haven’t told Lita of what I want to do yet, so y’all don’t tell her.  Our plan is to head to Clark and try to get out Space A, probably to Okinawa, and find our way to the US.  Hopefully Travis will have flights to Kelly again, they usually have a couple per month.  If nothing, then maybe Southwest Airlines will be an option.  I’d like to take a train if it doesn’t cost too much, even though it would probably take close to 30 hours on a train.

We Love Texas

Our 2 biggest problems going for a visit are a place to stay and a vehicle.  We don’t have a house there, although if I would have planned better and/or things didn’t fall apart around 2008, we probably could of had one.  We can stay with my mom & dad in their apartment for only 2 weeks, although last time we stayed there in 2012, the management made an exception for us and we got to stay for 4 weeks and then 1 week in my brothers apartment, which is in the same complex.  During our 2 week visit in 2014 we stayed at a friends house the entire time and her boyfriend even let us use one of his vehicles.  Not one that was good for any long distance driving, but it got us around.  We clean it up for him, it was super messy inside, and made sure there was more gas in it than when we got it.  I’m not sure if we will be able to get another vehicle or any vehicle this time.  Yeah we could probably rent a car, but they charge so much, especially for the insurance.  We don’t have any car insurance because we don’t have a car here.  I was thinking of going to one of those really cheap insurance places and buying insurance for a couple of months, as long as it covers rental cars.  I’m not sure if that’s even possible, but I think I’ll look into it.

During this trip I plan to take lots of notes, pictures and videos.  I need to try to make up for the lack of input I have on this blog.  No, all the input I will have will not be about the Philippines, but it will be about me (Texan in the Philippines), so that is how I will be looking at it.  Besides, my last big adventure to Texas in 2012 made for some interesting stories and I got lots of comments on those.  I’m hoping to do better this time, especially since I plan on making videos also.  I didn’t do that last time.  I’ve come to understand now that videos are super popular and get lots of attention and recognition.  

We hope to send ourselves at least 1 balikbayan box also.  With the Metro Supermarket here now, and them starting to get more things, we don’t need as much as we use to, but I’m sure I can come up with a few things.  I need more clothes for 1 thing.  Those are hard for a big guy like me to get here, unless they are made for me, which is cool.  Some different kinds of soup would also be nice.  Tomato soup is one and Lita’s Manhattan Style Clam Chowder is another.  Too bad I can’t ship any Blue Bell ice cream.  Well I guess I could, but it would not be edible by the time it got here.  I’m sure I’ll think of other things too, even non-food items.  I wish I could afford to get a good metal detector.  That would get me out of the house more.  I’m also hoping to remember to buy myself some snorkel equipment.  I’m not sure how much that costs, but that would be something to help me get out of the house more also.  Actually having both the metal detector and snorkel would have me out of the house a lot.  Probably every weekend.

This would be me with a metal detector, only I'm a bit wider

So that’s just FYI stuff.  I still hope to have a few more posts between now and then, but since I stay at home so much, it’s difficult to have something interesting to write about, and I don’t want to bore you with everyday stuff.  If you have suggestions on things I should be including on the blog, I’m willing to consider them.  I mean no porn or anything like that, although that would probably get more more viewers.  Just something that you would like to know about life or people here in the Philippines would be good.  I’ll do my best to answer and if necessary tap into my resources to find out more information.

Salamat Y’all


  1. UJ we are in oak harbor Washington visiting with my wife sister. Us and are dog will be departing Vancouver for the Philippines on the 27th of August. My wife has her dual citizenship and I have my 13a visa. We thought about doing balikbayan but finely opted for doing the 13a visa . Your wife should get her dual citizenship there’s no disadvantage in her doing this. And if you would get your 13a visa it would save you from having to buy the throw away ticket when traveling from the states to the Philippines.
    We spent about 2 months getting all are paperwork in order but the good thing was for us we lived in Illinois and was only a couple hours drive from the Philippine consulate in Chicago. So we could drive there instead of having to do it all threw the mail.

    • Well maybe when you get here, we’ll be able to meet. August 27th is fast approaching. I’ve tried to explain to my wife about the dual citizenship, but she doesn’t listen to me. Maybe I can get other Filipinas with dual citizenship to talk to her. As for me, well I’d like a 13a visa, but it’s not as important as for her. I never have to buy a throw away ticket, except for the first time we came over. According to their regulations if you are in balikbayan status, you do not need to purchase a throw away. Sometimes they need to be reminded at Immigration though.
      A friend here did his 13a through the mail and he said it went pretty smooth. I forget how much he said it cost though. How much did it cost, just for the 13a itself? How about for dual citizenship? I’ll bet that’s not free to get. Both something we really should be looking into, though the way we have been doing it has been working just fine.

      • Hey John I would think that if there is BI in Calbayog you should be able to apply there for Dual Citizen or 13a Visa. Last time I checked it Cost $ 50.00 for Dual Citizen but that was several years ago.

        • I’m not even sure there is a BI here. I know that someone is here sometimes, that might be a BI. I never had to use it before, but I’ll check on it AFTER we get back from this next trip to Texas next month. I suppose that even though we would not HAVE to leave, we still could if we wanted to. I wonder if there are fees to pay with a 13a? I don’t pay any fees now.

      • The dual cost $50 and the 13A cost $150

  2. I’m looking forward for your next adventure. Hopefully, this time it will be a smooth trip using Space A…..You’re right about the popularity of youtube videos. I think most people would rather watch video than to read a blog. The more videos you post the more subscribers you will get.

    • Yes I was told that. I just need to get out and do the videos. Maybe I’ll even learn a little bit about editing them and making them look nice.

  3. 13g visa for Lita? Isnt she a dual citizen yet John? If your going to be in the states that long you should look into the possibility of getting it. If I remember right it was a one day affair. If and when you ever get your 13a, its a requirement.

    • No she is not a dual citizen. She doesn’t want to be a dual citizen. I’ve been trying to talk her into it, but she is stubborn.

      • Time to break out the man club John. I don’t see any down side to dual citizenship. It has no effect on any benefit from the states. With it she can get a senior discount card (legally), draw SSS, etc. etc. etc. Plus once she has it you can get your 13A and avoid the “need” and expense of leaving each year.

        • I’ll make another attempt to get her to agree with us. Her problem with it I believe is that she was talking to some of her friends in the US. She believed, and obviously still believes, whatever they told her. Something about having to pay taxes and being a pain in the butt. I don’t see either of those, but as I’ve said, she is stubborn. I think she just doesn’t want to mess with it or spend the money to get it done.

  4. You wouldn’t happen to have Lita’s phone number handy?

    • I was a little confused on why you were asking this, but then I remembered the line I put in the post. Our phone is out of order.

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