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Local Links

Local Links











Special Occasions (S.O.) Cafe –

Marju Krisel Hotel & Resort –

STI Calbayog –

LGU Calbayog Bulletin:

Samar College of Science and Technology Inc:

Department of Social Welfare and Development:

3rd Trip Bar-Ko Restaurant & Disco Bar:

Tee Radio:

Calbayog City Police Station:

Calbayognon Kodakeros:

Calbayog Snaps:

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation NET25 Western Samar:

Calbayog City Online:

Calbayog Journal:

Calbayog City – City of Waterfalls:

Sky Horizon Calbayog – Tours & Events:

Calbayog Tourism & Information Office:

Ciriaco Hotel & Resort:

Almira Garden Hotel:

Mondejares Puertes Hotel & Resort (Unofficial Page):

I’s Plant Hotel & Restaurant (Unofficial Page):

Doce Restaurant, Lounge & Sports Bar:

Su Chef Asian Restaurant:

Kamayan Restaurant (Unofficial Page):

Sophia Dianne Hotel & Restaurant (Unofficial Page):

Chow King Restaurant Calbayog (Unofficial Page):

InfiniTea Calbayog:

Jollibee Calbayog (Unofficial Page):

Pizza Factory:

Mang Inasal (Unofficial Page):

Calbayog Planet Mobile Business Club:

Des Appliance:

Super Metro Calbayog (Unofficial Page):

Calbayog Central Fire Station:

I Love Calbayog:

Northwest Samar State University (Unofficial Page):

Calbayog Post:

Calbayog RadyongBayan:

SAIS Calbayog Robotics:

Calbayog Samar:

Turismo Calbayog:

Calbayog Teens:


Yamaha Calbayog:

I’m sure there are plenty of other local businesses that have webpages.  Please let me know if you know one or some and I could add it to this list.



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