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TitP Update and Refresh

TitP Update and Refresh

We will be updating the website with a new style and new features. Please bear with us over the coming weeks as we make a full transition. If you notice anything not working, please feel free to send a email to .

We value your readership and hope to make these changes / upgrades with as little downtime as possible.

Thank You



  1. I like your new Tagline by the way! I didn’t notice that before!

    • That tagline, just came to me and I put it in before I forgot it. I was wondering if anyone ever notices that thing. I know you do because this is the 2nd time you’ve commented on my tagline.

  2. Aside from the words in this post encroaching onto your picture, I’d say you’re working on it! lol

    • I hope it’s not too bad. I don’t see a problem on my computer. It’s all going to change pretty soon anyway.

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