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Our Long, Short Space A Trip 5

Our Long, Short Space A Trip 5


My wife and I left our house in Calbayog City on Wednesday, 14 Sept on our way to Angeles City, Clark, to try to get a Space A flight out of the country to satisfy our balikbayan status, but more importantly to go to Texas to see my relatives whom we have not seen in a couple of years.  Also to get some good ole Texas barbeque.  It is now Sunday, 18 Sept and we are still trying to exit the Philippines.  We have 6 more days (24 Sept) before we need to be gone or pay a fine.  I don’t think it’s much of a fine, but I don’t want to have to find out.

Still no good news on flights and I have resorted to calling every hour now.  It is only 0645 and I have already called twice.  I will continue to call every hour until 1300, then just wait until the daily update after 1700 to call.  We could just get an extension, but that costs more than some of the flights we could take out of the country.  Even with the extension, whether it be 1 month or 2 months, we would still have to leave the country afterwards.  So that really is a waste of money in my opinion.

Haribon terminal waiting room (with comments)

Haribon terminal waiting room at Clark

Around 1810 I called the recording.  Still nothing for Monday, but for Tuesday and Wednesday there were flights to Kadena.  Showtimes for each being 0800.  Okay, so now I’m thinking that since it seems the typhoons have passed, maybe these flights will finally get out.  We can probably still afford to do this trip if we can get to Kadena and get a quick flight out heading towards Texas.  If not a quick flight, then maybe we will have to delay our Texas trip for now and try again another time. In that case we would just try to head back to the Philippines.  I don’t want to get stuck like a couple of years ago, run out of money and have to ask to borrow.  I don’t like to borrow money.  It’s too hard for us to have to pay it back.  We have had only bad luck up until now, maybe our luck will change.  However I have been doing a lot of sneezing today.


On Monday morning, 0815, I checked the recording again.  It’s still the same.  We had our breakfast (ham & eggs for me again) and we just hung around the hotel waiting for the day to end.  I did check to see about flights heading out of Kadena, just in case we actually make it out this time.  There is one flight, but things would have to be perfect for us to make it in time for that one.  We’ll see.  We didn’t do much the rest of the day, but we did get some pizza from Yellow Cab.  This is actually the best pizza I have had in the Philippines.  Actually it’s better, in my opinion, then a lot of pizza I have had in the US.

Our taxi is scheduled to arrive at 0700 for the 0800 showtime, so I will check the recording again around 0630 to be sure it has not changed.  I am a bit paranoid about these flights now.  Fingers crossed.

Salamat Y’all



  1. Did they put any pizza sauce (you know, the red stuff) on your Yellow Cab pizza? I don’t think anybody in the pizza business in the Philippines knows what pizza sauce is. It’s what makes the pizza!

    • I think there was pizza sauce. We had double cheese and double pepperoni and they really double it. Even if it didn’t have pizza sauce, and it could of had some, it was still good for me.

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