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Philippines to Texas Journey into the Unknown – 2

Philippines to Texas Journey into the Unknown – 2


Definitely, I have been extra lazy and have not posted anything for awhile.  Sorry about that.  It was another one of those times that it seemed like no one was reading anyway, so why bother.  It takes time to do these posts and my ads don’t get clicked on very much, so it had me depressed.  I mean, no one has donated … ever and the number of ads clicked is minimal, sometimes non-existent.  So why bother?  I try to find inspiration in the fact that it is enjoyable to some people, that’s the only thing that keeps me doing as much as I do.  I’m going to continue, but you may see some shorter posts from now on.  Maybe not having to do all that typing and editing will help me continue on.

My feature picture is of Jen & Gary Beaudean.  We stayed at their house while in Angeles.

Here is part 1, in case you’ve forgotten or haven’t read it yet:  Journey into the Unknown – Part 1

The next morning (Friday) I texted Jen that I needed a phone load.  I didn’t know if there was a place close to her house or not.  She was at the hospital with her niece, watching her.  She got me a P100 load and I just paid her back when she showed up to take us to the terminal.  Since there were no scheduled flights that we could tell from the schedule, Lita decided she didn’t want to go.  I told her she should go, just in case came in that we didn’t know about.  She still said no, so just Jen and I went.

Upon arrival, I signed in.  I walked the approximately 1/8 of a mile to Haribon terminal.  Jen could have driven me there, but she had forgotten her driver’s license at the hospital and they would not let her through the gate without it.  

Once at the terminal I discovered that Mr. Corrigan no longer works there.  He is retired and in South Carolina.  The new guy’s name is Brian.  I forget the last name.  He seems like a good guy and definitely someone that goes strictly by the Space A rules.  

After talking with Brian for a few minutes, I found out that if I was ready to go ‘right now’, he could get me on a flight to Guam.  However, no wife, no flight.  It figures.  Oh well, we can only do what we can with what we have.


Fortunately, on the schedule for tomorrow (Saturday), there were 2 flights.  On for Kadena with a roll call of 1000 and the other another Guam flight, roll call at 1300.

This also was a new thing for us.  The flight for Kadena, we did not even compete for.  That’s the first time we did not compete for a known flight that was going our way.  The reasoning was that we really wanted to go via Guam instead of Kadena.  We have friends in Guam that we could stay with.  They have been asking when/if we will be coming by. Also, Brian said that the chances of getting out on the Guam flight were good.  Of course, not guaranteed, but good.  I also figured that the Kadena flight would weed out other passengers that didn’t care where they were going, just as long as they were going.

In case we messed up and could not get on the Guam flight, there was another flight scheduled for Sunday, 0800 roll call, going to Yokota AB.  It also was not on the original schedule.  Yokota is a nice base and easy to get around on.

So did we get on that Guam flight?  You will have to wait until the next post to find out.  I promise it will not be as long a wait as this post was.

Salamat Y’all


  1. I also check in a lot. Being an expat American here in the island paradise I enjoy reading about what’s going on in other parts of the country.

    • Okay. I guess there are some people reading. I don’t know how many, but there are some. I’ll make a better effort (at least for a while) to keep things going.

  2. I know the “blogged out” feeling well. The only reason you see an occasional post on my blog is becuase I am half-heartedly deleting a lot of the old crap and occasionally editing/correcting and republishing.

    I think I have some readers, but mostly I would never know unless I were to publish somehting Liberal in nature … and then I’d get a blast. Honestly, I wonder how some angry old men spend their time here.

    But if my wife reads this she’s going to kick me in the pants (if you make it to Guam successfully that is). Becuase I already bought us tickets to go to Guam in February. Being a good Filipino she has bugged me about Space A flights since we’ve first been married and she got her first DEERS card.

    When you have time, could you please tell me where the Haribon terminal is on Clark … like how you would get there from the main gate? Also, a question you might not know the answer to … but is there any long term parking near the terminal? I always go to Angles in my var, and if there was a place to park for a week or two, that would be great. We would go to Guam a LOT more often inSpace A was any real possibility.

    On Yokota we used to have a little side street near the terminal where parking was tolerated. My only Space A flight ever was a wonderful experience. Went to the terminal in the morning to check the flights, found a KC-10 going to McGuire leaving in an hour or so, got on … the only passenger … and flew to the States like a DV, including a couple hours in the cockpit yakking with the flight crew and a trip back to the boomers station to watch the sun come up over the Dakotas.

    Keep writing. People do read.

    • I try to keep it up. Sometimes I feel like it, sometimes I don’t.
      Haribon terminal is easy to find. When you go through the ‘main gate’, just go straight for a while. When you see the exit (right) to Air Force City, take it. That’s also the way to Clark International Airport. Air Force City is where the Haribon terminal is. When you exit, it is straight ahead (though the road swerves left) and the gate is on the right side. However, the last couple of times I’ve been there, the straight ahead was blocked. In that case, swerve left and take the first right. Air Force City is straight ahead. Once you get to that gate, you need to sign in to the right of the gate entrance. If you have a Philippine driver’s license, they probably will let you drive all the way to the terminal. If you do not, then you have to walk. When you get through the gate, take your first ‘real’ road to the left. Go all the way down to the parking lot at the end of the road (not at the next gate entrance you see). Pull in there someplace to park. The terminal is through another gate (a walking gate) in front of the parking area. You have to sign in at the walking gate too. I don’t know about long-term parking, but maybe, because they do have a huge parking area right outside the terminal area. You can ask Brian at the terminal.

      • Thanks for that, UJ. Very clear directions. I’ll explore next time I’m up in Angeles. Maybe someday my wife and I will take a Space A flight.

        • Good on the directions. I also will say that Space A from Clark gets changed/canceled more than any terminal I have ever been to.

  3. always check your blog almost on a daily basis UJ, looking forward to the rest of the journey. To late now but do you qualify to stay at Navy lodge or Air force lodge. Great hotels on base for very little money. When we go back to the states that’s where we always stay.

    Besides your retired, think of the blog as therapy, you cant play donkey kong all day lololol

    • I’ve stayed at both the Air Force and Navy Lodging. You’re right, they are nice and the price is right.

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