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Addressing My Problems

Addressing My Problems


Definitely, the longest that I’ve gone without posting.  I had a good excuse for about 2 weeks of the time I’ve been slacking off, but the rest of the 2 months was just pure laziness.  I got in a rut and it just got worse as time went on, then I had my problem.  I’ll get you caught up a little bit.  I’ve been mostly at home, so nothing outstanding to talk about, but we are not without some interesting things.  I will probably have shorter posts from now on, but I promise to try to continue them on a regular basis.

First off, my problem.  Evidently, I have, hopefully by now, had, a problem with too much sugar in my body.  Yeah, my in-house blood sugar tests were running a little high, but nothing terrible.  I guess I let it get away from me.  I started forming blisters on the lower part of my shins, especially on my right leg.  Some of those blisters popped and then my foot started hurting.  It hurt so much I could not walk on it after awhile.  While I could still walk I went to the hospital and he gave me some antibiotic pills and cream.  They worked slowly, but surely.  It took about 2 weeks, but I could finally walk pretty normal again.  I still have a blood circulation problem on that right leg and have to walk around to get the blood flowing or lay down and put my leg up on a pillow at night.  

I’m doing fine now, but I’ll tell you that scared me.  I was thinking about all the bad things associated with diabetes, like having to get some things cut off.  My two biggest issues are, I weigh too much and I do not get enough exercise.  Since this happened I’m working on the first problem, but still need to address the second. 

Also since this, I have little to no extra sugar put into my body.  I no longer eat the candy bars and cookies my wife has stored in the refrigerator.  I quit eating rice.  No more crackers in my stew.  The only things sweet I have had are apples, oranges and a couple of other citrus fruit, with their natural sugar.  I did have 1 wafer.  A man from Holland brought me some from there and I tried one.  They are very good, but I just ate the one and shared most of the rest of them.  I still have 4 in the refrigerator.  I won’t eat them.  I’ve resisted the Oreos and Cadbury bars for a couple of weeks, so I can resist these also.


Bottom line is I need to lose weight and exercise.  Most, maybe all, of my health problems would go away if I did.  You’d think that would be enough motivation, but it seems I’m going to need someone to exercise with.  No one else in the family really needs or wants to exercise, so I’m still looking.  I’ll let you know.

Next, I hope to get you an update on Mango Lounge.  They are doing well and in the process of expanding.  I’ll get some pictures and maybe even a video.

Salamat Y’all


  1. Bottom line John is if you can’t pull yourself to exercise by yourself, then you are not all that worried about it.

    • I am so used to being so big and normally it is not a problem for me. However, I do know that once I start, I do good. I’ve done it lots of times, but something always interrupted the schedule and getting started again is hard. Now that I really don’t have anything to interrupt a workout schedule, except leaving once a year, I believe after I get going, I’ll stay with it. I have stopped eating cookies, chocolate and drinking soda, all full of sugar. I also am slowly (very slowly) getting more used to getting downtown to walk around. I used to only go twice per month, but last month I was up to 4 times. I plan to make it 6 times this month and get some good walking (and sweating) in while there. Hopefully, more good things will follow, especially after we get back from our out of country trip in October.

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