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Chicken Foul

Chicken Foul


After I finally got my computer battery battery Battery Seach, I needed to also get some fried chicken for Lita.  She’s been wanting fried chicken for the past few days, but things were not going her way.  First, she sent our house lady to Jollibee’s to get a bucket of chicken, telling her to make sure she gets a lot of the white meat because Lita and I both like white meat better.  She came back with no chicken.  I’m still not sure what happened, but I think it was a communication problem.  The next day she still wanted chicken, so I decided to walk to Mango Lounge to see about their fried chicken.  They don’t have fried chicken.  They do have Buttered Chicken and I like that a lot, so I got 2 orders of that.  Lita doesn’t like it as much as I do.  That brings us to two days later, today, and Lita is still looking for some fried chicken.

Since I was going downtown to get the battery, Lita asked me to go to McDonald’s to get some chicken.  I said, “What if I just go get that bucket at Jollibee?”  She liked that idea better.   In the back of my mind, I’m thinking also of Chow King because their chicken is garlic chicken and I like it better.  I decided I would compare the prices to see which was the better deal.

So, now carrying 2 of those heavy 12V batteries, I head to Jollibee, which is only a couple of blocks down on the same street as the hardware store.   I go in and find out that their 8 piece Chicken Joy bucket, chicken only, is P510 ($10).  I then walk over to Chow King, the next block over, and found out that their 8 piece Chinese Style bucket of chicken is P524 ($10.27).  I figured that since I like Chow King chicken better, and it’s only P27 (.53), I’ll just get this chicken.  So I waited for the 2 ladies in front of me.  With only 1 person taking orders, it takes a long time.

Finally, I get up there and ask for the 8-piece chicken with no thighs.  We don’t really like the thighs.  She asked in the back and they said all they have are thighs.  I asked how long does it take to cook more chicken?  She asked again and I guess they must have started it already because they said, “5 minutes”.  Okay, I can wait.  I just do not want any thighs.  She said again, “All we have are thighs”.  I said, “So you do not have any other pieces of chicken other than thighs back there”?  No sir, that’s all we have.  Nevermind then, I’ll just go back to Jollibee.

Back at Jollibee. I went to the “Take Out” side and waited for the guy in front of me.  Still a long wait for only 1 person ordering 3 small items.  I get up there and order the 8-piece chicken, no thighs in it.  She asked and said, “How about breast parts”?  I said, “Sure”.  Then she rung it up and said that will be P79 ($1.55).  What, for 8 pieces of chicken?  She says, “Oh, 8 pieces”.  Luckily a lady, who seemed to be a supervisor, had already got my order and was delivering it.  I asked again, “No thighs right”?  I got a no sir, no thighs.  The first lady rung it up again and it came P589.  She forgot to take out the P79 the first lady put in.   She straightened it out pretty quick after that.  I was happy to have 8 chicken breasts without having to pay extra for it.

Salamat, Y’all


  1. Virtually the same experiences as I have had. Nobody likes the white meat except me (and you and Lita). Sometimes you can get a whole bucket of breasts by asking for it that way, but usually, it’s a hassle and a half. Jollibee Chicken Joy is overall the best I think, but the garlic chicken from Chow King is a very close second. KFC? Who the heck are they? (unless the chain on your motorcycle needs greasing, LoL)

    • Actually I like the garlic chicken at Chow King better, but lately they only have thighs. If they had a KFC here, I’d go there because their variety is better. I still like the fried chicken Lita cooks better. I guess after 38 1/2 years of marriage, it just goes that way. I expect there to be a KFC here someday, but I couldn’t tell you when. In our extended family, most of them also like the dark meat better. I don’t get it, but to each their own. That makes more white meat for me, so no complaints.

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