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Old News and New Beginnings

Old News and New Beginnings

-This post will not be as long as the last one but I figure I should do my best to put something on this blog as often as I can. I go for stretches that are too long without any information going out.
Today is 19 Nov (Monday). That is important information for a couple of reasons.
The first reason is that my internet is down AGAIN. If you read my last post (Another Internet Experience) then you know the circumstances involved in that situation. I’ve already called them this morning in Manila and explained everything AGAIN about my internet ordeal. I informed them that I “did not” want to wait until ‘tomorrow’ to get it worked on this time. They must have agreed with me because they said they would send someone out this afternoon. We shall see.
The other reason why this day is one to remember is that today is the day that the city started tearing down our 2 outbuildings for the road expansion. They are supposed to be taking a little bit of property from both sides of the road before it is all said and done with. I guess it was just our time. From my understanding of the situation, we did not have a choice to sell for their price. I would have thought that for the amount of property they got, they should have paid about 50% than what they did. Oh well. It’s a done deal already.
I see little stretches along the highway where they have expanded the road, and have done so in front of our house already. The part they are tearing down now is supposed to be for the sidewalk and drainage. They have added another lane here and there all along the highway. It seems to be in a random order to me, but maybe it makes sense to them.
All the tin and wood from the outbuildings we will be keeping. Part of it will be used to build another little area for Neneng so she can continue with her selling of barbeque. The remainder of the bigger building (that used to be the restaurant), I’m not sure what we will be doing with that. Lita is talking about having a car wash there, with Ramil being in charge and paying his own way. We would be splitting any of the profits though if things go as the plan is right now. We’ll see. Right now Victor has his insulin plants displayed there (For sale if you want/need any (P100)). He did have to move them to the back of the building, but soon they will be at the front again because the back of the building will be the front.

So, I’m sitting here, waiting, and listening to the bang, bang, bang as they destroy the concrete and pound tin.
I personally think it will be a couple of years (at least) before they get that sidewalk and drainage completed. Filipinos are not afraid of work, but they are slow workers. Maybe they all get paid by the hour, but there seems to be plenty of work to go around with the expansion. They do surprise me sometimes so maybe it will be quicker than 2 years. I doubt it, but only time will tell.

Salamat Y’all

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