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Internet or No Internet?

Internet or No Internet?


First of all, I’d like to explain why I’m a day or two late on this installation.  I’ve been sick for almost a week and had a hard time even just sitting at the computer for any length of time.  In fact, a couple of days I didn’t even bother trying.  I consider myself to be at least 98% at the moment.  Hopefully, there will not be a relapse because I wouldn’t want to go through that shit again.

You don’t notice it, but it’s a couple of hours since I did that first paragraph.  That 2% kicked in and I had to go lay down.  I fell asleep.  On with this week’s post.

In case you missed my last post or want to reread it, here’s the link My Internet Saga Continues.

Things have not been going my way as far as the internet is concerned.  It is now 20 Nov and my internet is still down.  They told me that they would be by yesterday, but when I called to confirm at 4 pm, they said it would be tomorrow (today).  Well, they did come by today, around 3 pm.  They determined that it was a problem in the cabinet at the pole.  Of course, it’s raining, and they won’t climb the pole in the rain.  They said they would be back tomorrow.  I have my doubts about that because there is a typhoon in the area so it may be raining again tomorrow.  I’ll be calling them again tomorrow.  I don’t want them to forget about me.  It must be nice to be the only internet service available in my area.

While I waited on them today, I got an opportunity to play a couple of games of my favorite board game, Empire Builder.  Two of my great nephews wanted to play again.  They played a few days ago also.  The first game there were 3 of us, and I won.  The second game there were 4 of us (another great-nephew).  I needed only 2 more moves to win, but the youngest nephew won with the exact amount needed.  It was his first time winning so he felt good about that.  Actually, it was the first that anyone besides me has won amongst all the relative here.  I hope it encourages him, and all of them, to play more games with others instead of on the computer only. 


I’m not even sure how my fantasy football teams did this past weekend.  I’m hoping for the best and I probably didn’t do too bad.  I don’t even know if Dallas and Houston won.  I’ll know by the time this is posted though.  Hopefully, my internet will be up and running before it’s time to adjust my line-ups for next weekend games.  It’s the final weeks of byes and I know of a couple of guys that I need to sit this week.  I’m pretty sure it will all work out … somehow. 

Salamat Y’all


Texan in the Philippines