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Internet Yet?

Internet Yet?

Quick things before I jump into the internet saga.  WordPress 5.0 is now loaded on my computer.  This is my first post with it.  It’s different for sure, but so far I can live with it.  Also today I figured out how to make the site secure.  I’m grateful to Leonor for bringing it to my attention.  I learned some things in trying to figure out what to do.


It’s Wednesday the 21st of November and I called Globe at 10 am to remind them I was still waiting on them.  According to the recording, I do not have an open job order.  I spoke to someone in the office and they finally transferred my call to a technician that is already out and about and “in my area”.  He informed me that he would be here between 1 and 5 pm.  Great!  Wednesday’s are my game day at Mango Lounge with other expats.  Of course, my normal hours at Mango are between 1 and 5 pm.  Since Globe is supposed to call before they arrive, I’ll just bring my phone with me and come home when/if they call.  I like for me, not someone else at the house, to be there when they work on my computer.

Also, they showed up today to finish things up in destroying the out-buildings.  They are having a tough time with the little bbq shack that Titing built.  It was pretty solid and it took a lot of hits with their sledgehammer.  It finally relented though.  Now I have a little better view of the highway.

I called Globe again at 4:15 pm, since they still had not called me.  Actually, I called one of the technicians that told me I could call him instead of the Globe office.  Fat lot of good that did me though.  He said he was in Tacloban (about 2-3 hours away).  So he would not be able to come in.  He did say that he would call another, closer technician for me and then call me back.  That didn’t happen either.  He told me that all work orders were postponed because of the typhoon in the area.  That damn typhoon is already long gone from our area.  It’s a bright sun-shiny day out here.


Bottom line?  It will be ‘tomorrow’ before they can get here.  Horse poop!  I’ve been told ‘tomorrow’ twice already this week.  ‘Tomorrow’ will be 8 days of internet problems.  If you add all the time together, you might get 1 full day of service in all that time.  

I’ve talked with them about my bill and as of now it should only be about 75% of normal.  I’ll be sure to look for that and complain if not adjusted.  At the end of the day though, whatever they say I need to pay, I must.  They are still the only decent internet service in my area.  It must be nice to have a monopoly on something like that.

So I’m still waiting and they are still not showing up.  The saga continues.

Salamat Y’all

Texan in the Philippines