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Gracing my Post and Videos

Gracing my Post and Videos


Grace returned from Australia on 17 Feb.  Her plan is to be here for just a little bit and then head back to work in Manila.  She’s already got the job.

On the 24th of Feb I noticed that on one of my videos, my “Fruits and Vegetables” video, I had a copyright claim against it.  It seems that as I was touring the market here in Calbayog taking the video, some people had a radio playing music in the background.   A song by Celine Dion and someone I’ve never heard of, Wes Nyle, was playing and a claim was made against each one.  I can keep the video and no action is required, but any money made from it will go to the person with the claim.  Or I could either edit or delete it.  It wasn’t doing very well anyway, but the point is, it’s my video and no one else should be profiting from it just because someone was playing a radio.  I just deleted the video.  It had been up since 27 Jun 17 and only had 117 views anyway.  

I decided to check the rest of my videos and I saw another one.  This one was when my niece Samantha was attempting to sing “Roar” when she was 3 years old.  There were only 92 views since 24 Jun 14.  I just deleted that one also.  Damn these people for trying to make an extra nickel off someone else’s work.

On 27 Feb Grace headed back to Manila.  She will be working the same place she was before, at Ricklee Enterprises.  She always said she enjoyed her work there and she made some good friends also.

2 Mar.  It seems that Grace is selling her notebook/tablet.  She needs the money to get a place to live.  She doesn’t want to live in the dormitory this time around.  I guess I can understand that.  A young person likes to try to make it on their own.  I’ll bet she will get a roommate or two though.  Lita decided to buy the notebook for me.  I’ve never had one and could use it while traveling.  I’ll have to figure out the differences between a notebook and a PC though.  I hope my fat fingers will not be a problem with it.  We get to make the payment in 2 installments, so that will work.


I think I may have mentioned already, but I’m thinking about getting more into YouTube.  I’ll have details on that later if I actually decide to go through with it.

We had a different cleaning lady come in today.  She did an excellent job of cleaning my computer room.  She found dust that has probably been in this room since the first year we were here.  She cleaned out the cabinet with the glasses and cups and chopped lots of vegetables.  All for P350 ($7).  Unfortunately, Lita didn’t like the way she cleaned the rest of the house, so we probably won’t be seeing her anymore.  My computer room is clean though.

One of my cousins from the US is planning on visiting us here in the Philippines.  Him and his wife plan to be here in December.  I’ll have more details on that, in the next post.

Salamat Y’all


  1. UJ,

    Went through the same thing of a dozen or so cleaning ladies when we lived there. Then one day the skies opened up and the cleaning gods shined downed on us as the last one passed all the asawa’s inspections, so she stayed with us the last 3 and 1/2 years we were there…talk about miracles ha ha ha !! So is your cousin also from central texas? That should be an interesting change for them if so. Hope it turns into a great visit for them and you both, just take it easy on them and hold the baluts ha ha ha !! Your so right about the tablet things, the asawa got me one for xmas last year, fun to use initially but found myself going back to old faithful laptop after a few weeks. The ole fat fingers kept being a pain in the butt so to speak on the tablet so enjoy yours for a few weeks anyway before returning to old school.

    Heading back down the belton/killeen next month to visit my folks graves and see my 2 siblings, will be sure to stop off and have a burger for you in belton. Take care and stay safe!!

    John D.

    • Well I’m hoping the skies open up again soon. I really would like to have another good cleaning lady here. I actually have to do some housework these days.
      My cousin is from Connecticut. He does want to move to Central Texas though, close to the Rosebud/Lott area. I know he’s going to be loud, but I’ve already warned the friends and relatives about him. I’ll remind them as the time gets closer. We’ll still try to make sure he has a good time.
      I’m never going to give up my PC as my #1 computer source. I’m too old school. I’ll probably just set up the tablet and only take it with me when we travel. That may be the only time I use it unless we have a power outage and I can sponge off someone’s wifi.
      When you get to Belton, if you want a good burger, head down 6th Street from I35. When you get to the CEFCO station on the right, turn right. There is a little shack called Crowe’s Burger on the right side. Very good hamburgers. If you’re really having it for me, get extra onions and jalapenos on it with mustard and mayonnaise. I’ll be back there in October and I’m going to go there for sure. Besides good Tex-Mex and barbeque places, it’s the restaurant I miss there the most.

Texan in the Philippines