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Trying to make myself walk downtown is still tougher than I thought it would be, even though I really would like to get in some kind of ‘good’ shape.  The shape I’m in now, which is round, is not the shape I’m looking for.  However, on the 19th of March, I did walk downtown again.  I even remembered to bring my camera this time and did get several pictures.  I did not take any videos, but maybe next time.  I did forget something though, my hat.  I got a bit sweaty and it was getting in my eyes.  I stopped to get a small bottle of water because it seemed like all the water in my body was leaving it.  

I made it all the way to Gaisano Mall and all the way back to a little bit inside Barangay Rawis before I gave up and hailed a trike.  Sweat was just pouring off me by then.  I figure the whole walk was about 1 1/2 miles.  That’s not so bad for someone as big as I am and has been out of the walking business for a while.  I hope to be able to walk more often.  I’m shooting for 3-4 times per week right now.  Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be making the trek every day.  I like the route I took and will probably do that one or something really close when I do walk. 

I wish I had someone that would walk with me, but, so far, I have not found any volunteers that are on island.  Someone that is not here right now said he would, but I’m not sure when he will be back.  He’s not either it seems.  I’ll continue to try to self-motivate myself, but, in the past, that hasn’t worked very well.


Upon returning, I had to take a shower.  Since we do not have water during the day and sometimes very little at night, it had to be a Filipino shower, a tabo.  It can be cold at first, but after you are about 10 pails in, it feels pretty good.  For me, it will never replace a nice hot shower, but you do what you have to do.

It took longer than I wanted but I did walk downtown again on 24 March.  This time I made it all the way there and back.  Also, I did get a mark on my arm again.  It was very small though and I’m not going to worry about the small ones.  I still did not get a video, but I did get a few more pictures.

I was supposed to walk on 26 March, but circumstances, honey-do items, made it difficult so I decided to wait until tomorrow.  If we could get a new full-time house lady, it would make things easier for me and I’d be able to walk as often as I want to.

Be sure to check out some of the pictures below.

Salamat Y’all



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