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Returning Bakery and Items

Returning Bakery and Items


Yesterday I tried to create a new post, but there is a problem with our internet service these days and I could not even get to this page.  Today it took almost 10 minutes just to pull up this page to type this.  The problem is, due to our recent 6.5 earthquake, a cable was severed and all service has slowed down significantly.  Globe says they are working on it, but there is no telling how long it will be before it is repaired.  We’ll just have to wait it out.  I hope it will be repaired before my next post is due.

A couple of weeks ago my Filipino cousin, who drives a tricycle, found a US military ID, a driver’s license and 3 Visa credit cards in his tricycle.  Since it was an American guy, he asked me if I knew the guy.  I didn’t.  I put out a notice to the other expats in the area to see if any of them knew him.  They didn’t either.  So, most likely he is a visitor.  I searched through Facebook and found him.  I sent him a message to let him know we found all his stuff, but he is not on my friend’s list, so it went to his message requests.  I wasn’t sure he would see it.  When he didn’t respond by the next day, I checked his friend’s list and sent those people messages to let them know.  I figured maybe they knew of another way to contact him.  The next morning I had a message from one of them, who turned out to be his wife.  I explained in more detail what happened.  That afternoon I saw the person coming out of the Ciriaco Hotel.  I confronted him and he told me that he already received them back already.  It seems that my cousin backtracked and brought the cards to the same address where he dropped the guy off the day before.  He didn’t tell me that he did that already though.  I just found out when the guy told me as I was talking to him.  He had already canceled his credit cards and ordered replacements.  He was most happy to be getting his military ID back.  It turns out that he and his wife are considering retiring to this area.  His wife is from around here and they already have a house built.  Maybe soon we will have a new expat in our expat community.


Next door, where they had the little sari-sari store and bakery, they had to tear down the front because of this road extension that is going on around here.  Now they are ready to re-open.  Their store will be even bigger and they will now have an in-house baker.  In fact, today (6 May) was their first day of being 100% open.  I just went to check on their baked goods and there is plenty of it there.  I hope they now have pandesol (Philippine rolls) and are open early.  Usually, someone has to go downtown to get the pandesol in the mornings.  Maybe now it will be much easier and no more using up the gas in the tricycle.

For the next post, I have some final dates and more details for an event coming up later this year.  Stay tuned.

Salamat Y’all


  1. Hi John. LONGggg time no type. Good to see you and Lita are alive and well – in spite of things like earthquakes, etc. Something’s happening to our world which makes one wonders … but that’s for another day to chew the fat over.

    I’ll have to admit pandesal is also a favorite of mine. There are attempts by Filipino expats to replicate and market it here but they don’t taste like the ones in the PH.

    Hope to get back there sometime this year, God willing. In the meantime, I have a lot to catch up on with your blog.

    Take care and be real good to yourselves [you, Lita, and the rest of the family].

    • It has been a long time. I was wondering what happened to you. We are still alive and well. Glad to see you are also. The earthquake was only a small scare, no big deal. Most people do like the pandesal and recently we’ve been getting some good stuff, not so hard like before. I wish they would make it next door, but I can’t force them.
      I hope that you find something interesting when catching up with the blog. I have enough information for a couple more posts right now. I’ll probably do one now and schedule it for a couple of days from now.

  2. Hi UJ- Like you, pandesal is one of my favorite carbs at breakfast along w/ egg omelet or scrambled eggs w/ cheese. In a year or two, I’ll be a Balikbayan like Lita and you! Blessings to you and please keep on blogging!;)

    • I was just getting ready to eat breakfast, which includes more panesal, and I was going to do my normal routine of toasting them and eating them with tomatoes. However, now I think I will make myself an omelet instead to go along with it. A ham & cheese omelet sounds good. If only I had some ham or cheese. The only thing I think I have is onions and tomatoes. Let me look…… I’ve got some leftover Chooks to Go roasted chicken. I’ll add that in there also. Maybe some hot peppers, if I can find any. It’s been a while since I’ve had an omelet. Thanks for the comment and the idea.

  3. Sounds great must check it out

    • Yeah. It’s much nicer than before and the people that work there are always nice to me when I go by. I’ll need to find out about how long they keep the bread before they give it away or toss it. I haven’t personally bought any bread there yet, but I’ve bought other things in the store.

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