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Poem, Wedding and Parties

Poem, Wedding and Parties


Recently Christian at Mango finally did something that he said he would do long ago.  He always does what he says he’s going to do, but sometimes it takes a little while.  Anyway, a while back, I can’t even remember how long ago now, I wrote a poem for Mango Lounge.  Christian liked it so much he said that he will have it put on the wall of the restaurant.  It is finally on there.  I wrote the poem as a limerick, but that is not how it is displayed.  Nonetheless, it is still a pretty good poem.  For those of you that have never seen the poem or have seen it but you forgot, here it is again.   

We’re in the Philippines, Bagacay, Samar.

If you want to come see us, that’s where we are.

We are not like the rest,

Food and drinks are the best.

Enjoy the view from the Mango Sports Bar.

It’s nice right?  Anyway, it’s one of the few times in life that something I wrote got so much attention.  Since I wrote this, the Mango Lounge has only gotten better with more improvements and expansions on the way.  It’s great to have such a wonderful place just down the road from the house.  It’s not only an excellent place to eat but also an excellent place to have drinks, sing karaoke and have get-togethers.  Stop in if you are ever in the neighborhood.

On 26 May I went to the wedding/reception of fellow expat Nelson.  He married Alice, a very nice lady whom I only met for the first time at the wedding.  It was a simple wedding on the 2nd floor of Marcial’s Grill and we did not have to dress up fancy for it.  Of course, the reception was also right there in the same room, food provided by Marcial’s Grill.  Nelson told me that if you have the reception there, the room is free.  There were dozens of people at the wedding and the food was really good.

The day after the wedding we had a Memorial Day party at Mango Lounge.  Since it was pretty much a last minute thing, several of the expats could not attend due to prior engagements or because they were out of town/country.  The main attraction was chili dogs.  A couple of us made chili and Christian bought the hot dogs.  Mango Lounge also provided other foods as we decided to make it a full-fledged buffet.  Again, excellent food.  Lita made some chili.  Although she decided to try something new this time around, it still turned out pretty good.  Randy S. also made some chili and it was good also.  We had mild, medium and hot chili represented there. 


We got to talking about chili while there and if we have a party on 4 July at Bill’s house, we plan to have a chili tasting event.  Some people will make the chili and we will bring it there for taste testing.  The only prize I know of is bragging rights so I’ll give it a try.  Randy and Bill are both excellent at making chili and have won awards for it, but I’ll try anyway.  I plan to make it completely by myself without the help of Lita.  We hope to have a cookout at Bill’s house.  Just a simple one with hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage and maybe chicken.  We’re not sure of any details yet because we are not even sure we can have it yet.  It depends on whether the construction is completed at that time.  Anyone reading this that has been thinking of moving to the Philippines but not sure where to go, this is a good place.  I think you should at least give the area a try before deciding on another place.

I’ve got a few things already lined up for the next post, but I’ll probably need more to make a decent size post.  I’m sure some things will happen within the next few days.

Salamat Y’all


  1. I’ll send you the photo we took of the poem.

    • I got it. Thanks Mark. You’re right about not being able to post a picture in these comments. I don’t see a way either. Oh well, I’ve had this blog for about 9 years now and that doesn’t come up very often. As you say, I don’t want to open up a can of worms.

  2. great that you have get togethers. we have a lot of expat outings here in sorsogon. and on saturday’s you will find a group of us at ozi camp resort owned by aussie friends..

    • You’re right. You almost have to have get-togethers to survive here. They are not necessary, but they sure do make times more pleasurable. Our games day (Wednesdays) has been working great for us. Throw a few parties in here and there and it makes for a great time.

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