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I Had A Dream

I’m assuming that everyone has had some realistic dreams at times.  You know, the dreams that you don’t know that you are actually dreaming because it seems like real life.  No matter how far out of the normal it is for you, it could be possible.  Well, I had one of those dreams last night.

I dreamed that I was playing baseball.  Why?  I don’t know.  I don’t even like baseball that much.  I think it’s my friend Shane Steve’s fault.  He’s always talking about baseball.  Anyway, I got a base hit and was on first base.  I took my little lead and barely got back when the pitcher threw to the first baseman to try to tag me out.  I took my lead again.  This time the pitch from the pitcher went wild and, even though I’m fat, old and slow, I made it to second base easily.  It was easy because the throw from first base was also wild and the ball was heading to the outfield, so I headed to third base.  Thinking that I’m faster than I really am, I turn the corner and started heading for home.  The throw got there first so I went back to third.  

The next batter hit a fly ball to short right field and was out.  Again, thinking I am faster than I really am, I tagged up and headed for home.  Again the ball got there ahead of me so I was going to have to slide.  I never had to slide before but I was willing to do it for the team. 

So I went into my slide and that’s when I fell out of the bed.  I knocked the fan and the trash can over.  I scraped my leg and I hurt my foot.  I’m sure it’s going to bruise and my wife had to tend my scrape on my leg. 

As if it didn’t hurt enough already, she wanted to put alcohol on the scrape.  I let her and yes, it did hurt. 

The worst thing about this whole incident is I don’t even know if I made it safe at home.  Perhaps I’ll have the same dream again tomorrow.  If I do, I’m going to try to remember not to slide.

Salamat Y’all


  1. My last realistic dream was not as much fun as playing baseball and stealing bases… I was being threatened by a snake; probably one of the cobras we find around here on our farm every once in awhile. Same as you I don’t know if I got away from my snake since I ended up on the floor, waking everybody up. The best part? No scrapes and NO alcohol! hahaha

    • Interesting. I don’t really like snakes but right now I’d opt for your dream over mine because of the no scrape, no alcohol clause.

  2. Hahaha!

  3. ROFLMAO!Since you are so big you probably knocked the catcher over and he dropped ball ala Pete Rose vs Ray Fosse in an All Star game for the winning run. Probably a clip on youtube. Your catcher’s eyes must have been big as saucers!

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