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Quarantine Pass and Globe

Quarantine Pass and Globe

22 Mar: In the last post I told you I would explain why I do not call Globe to fix my intermittent internet connection.  Well this is why.  I have called them.  I have called them twice.  Each time when I get to the point that I ask to talk to a Globe representative they tell me that they are unable to help me and cut of the connection.  I’m assuming it has to do with the damn virus, but it’s a bit unprofessional to cut off a customer like that.  I swear that if I get a chance I will change to another internet service.  Overall, in my experience, the Philippines is not known for good customer service.  That seems strange to me because they are some of the nicest people you ever want to meet.  I suppose that they are just not trained to put the customer needs first but the company needs take precedence.

23 Mar: Robert came by this evening.  I shared some of our food with him and gave him a few can goods that have been sitting in our pantry for a while.  They are not expired yet but they’ve been there for almost a year.  I figure if I haven’t used them by now I’m never going to.  We also played 3 games of dominoes.  I won them all.

Lita and I have started watching movies at night.  Last night we watched 3 movies.  We didn’t go to sleep until 4 am.  Tonight it probably won’t be so many but I don’t know yet.  We watched one and now she’s dying her hair.  We’ll get back to it after she’s done.

24 Mar: We got our Quarantine Pass today.  Now one of us will be able to go downtown on payday to get our money.  That will be me.  I guess after I get home she will have to go back downtown to get groceries.  It’s better if she does the grocery shopping because I don’t know all the Filipino stuff that she likes.  Everyone is hot and heavy talking about the restrictions of the pass but I don’t think they have any restrictions for our area.  At least none that I’ve seen posted.  I still plan to go to Mango tomorrow for Foreigner Day, but I don’t expect to see too many people there.  That’s probably a good thing.  Mango is in “restaurant only” mode, no alcohol is allowed to be served.  I’ll just bring a few tea bags and get some hot water from Mango while I play dominoes, cribbage and/or Scrabble.  At least that’s the games I usually play there.

25 Mar: For Foreigner Day at Mango there were not many of us there.  Only 4 or 5 people showed up.  I played a couple of games of 3 handed dominoes and won the first one.  Then 3 of us played Scrabble.  I won that one.   They supplied me with some hot water and ice to make iced tea.

26 Mar: Today is a day that I am confused about.  I’m told that we are supposed to stay in our house all day, but I think we are actually limited to our barangay only.  I see others walking around within the barangay so that’s how I’m going to treat it for now unless I’m told by an official.  I walked to Mango this morning to get some coffee.  Not so surprisingly I was the only customer. 

I trying to fix a problem I have with my AdSense, but I’m not too sure how to do it.  I have an “ads.txt” but I don’t know how to “upload it to my root level domain”.  I’ll work on trying to find that.  Hopefully it will get more people to click on my ads so I can make a little bit more money on that.  It takes a lot of clicking to really make a difference but maybe this will get a lot more people clicking.

Okay, time to end this post and get ready for the next one.  I think this idea of mine of posting just a little bit each day is going to work.  At least as long as my internet stays up so I can get on to post.

Salamat Y’all

Texan in the Philippines