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30 Mar – 2 Apr 2020

30 Mar – 2 Apr 2020

30 Mar: We made cherry pancakes today.  Lita made the mix and I cooked them.  She had to use brown sugar because we are out of white sugar, but that’s okay.  At the last minute I decided to had a can of cherry filling that we’ve had in the pantry for awhile.  They didn’t expire until July 2020 so I went ahead and used them.  They came out okay.  They were harder to flip than the pancakes a couple of days ago but no syrup was necessary for these pancakes.

31 Mar:  My internet was down all day until about 9 pm.  There’s nothing I can do but sit here and wait for it to come up, if it comes up, each day.  I’m never sure how long it will stay up when/if it does come up.

1 Apr: My internet has been down mostly and I did not take any notes to remind me what has been happening, but today I went downtown for the first time since all this virus stuff started.  I had no problem getting downtown although, supposedly us older people are kind of restricted.  I only went to pick up the money and come straight home.  I was going to pay my Globe bill but they were closed down.  They had a sign in the door but I didn’t get out to see what it said.  Ramil brought me  downtown in the car he borrowed from his father.

2 Apr: Back downtown for me today.  This time to go to Metro Supermarket.  Ramil drove me there and the line was kind of long so we went to check out Gaisano Supermarket instead.  I didn’t like the line there either.  I decided to wait until later in the afternoon.  We went back around 2:30 pm and the line was much shorter.  By the time I got up to the line it was longer but once it started moving, it went fast.  They make sure you have your barangay pass, they make you step in some kind of cleaning liquid for your shoes, they take your temperature and then spray your hands with alcohol.  If your temperature is slightly over you are asked to wait and try again after a few minutes.  I’m not sure what would happen if your way over.  I was good the first time so I didn’t have to experience any of that.

Inside Metro there were not very many people as they are restricting the numbers inside but it was still difficult to keep social distancing as some points in the small aisles they have.  They had workers stocking shelves also and those were especially hard places to keep social distancing.  The lines were short though.  In fact, I went straight up to the cashier when I was ready to check out.

I’ve got some really juicy stuff for the next post.  Besides it being our 40th anniversary, we had a accident out front of our house I’d like to share some details about.  Time to go watch movies with Lita now.  I’ll post this since I’m a bit behind on post because of my internet outage.  Hopefully it won’t be a problem going forward.

Salamat Y’all


  1. Like you I do not have a senior card, and am willing to wait in line. The last two times I get in line, whip out my paper back book and shuffle patiently along, a security guard has come up and ask if I was senior, then escorted me to the front……..who am I to argue lolol 😉 But rules vary so widely in this country lol

    • No one asks me if I’m a senior. I guess I just don’t look it. At least that’s what I’ve been told multiple times.

  2. don’t you get to go to the head of the line now? Being a senior?

    • I guess I could if I could get a senior card. I can’t get one here though. I am not a permanent resident since I am in balikbayan status all the time. Even if I did have a card I would not use it to go ahead in a line. At least not while I can stand as well as I can right now.

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