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9 April – 14 April 2020

9 April – 14 April 2020

I’m sure some things happened on 9 and 10 Apr but they must not have been too exciting because I don’t remember them.  I don’t want to bore y’all with too many little things.

11 Apr:  I went by Mango Lounge today but they were closed.  I’ll check again tomorrow.  Lita wanted to watch movies early tonight.  We started at 5 pm and watch a couple of movies, “She’s All That” and “Secondhand Lions”.  Lita liked both of them.  We’ll watch a couple more later.  I just downloaded a few more a couple of days ago.  We watched several of those already anyway.  I think next we will watch “The Proposal” and then “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”.   I’ll probably be tired after those 2 but if we keep going, maybe “Payback” would be next.

12 Apr:  I’ll be watching a lot of reaction videos today on YouTube.  I just watched someone listening to Selena Quintanilla for the first time.  Of course they loved it.  I like watching the younger generation listening to artist my my time growing up.  All the videos I watch, they love it.  Of course some of them are only saying they like it to get more Likes and Subscribers, but you can tell the ones that really love it when they continue to react to the same artist.  This one guy started listening to The Carpenters and he got obsessed with Karen’s voice.  I mean most of us love her voice but this guy played songs by The Carpenters that I haven’t heard in many years.  If y’all do not watch reaction videos, check it out.  Watch someone listen to Stevie Ray Vaughn or Heart for the first time.  If you enjoy watching the younger generation discover the music of the 1950’s through the 1980’s, then I recommend watch this guy, JBLETHAL TV.  He really loves the “old” music and he listens to his grandmother.

13 Apr: A pretty boring day.  I did find a nice Cinderella type movie to watch.  It’s a series of 8 short videos and I watched them all – Cinderella.  Also one of my nieces stopped by today.  Both her and her husband cannot work because of the corona virus and they have 5 children.  They have been living on rice, sardines and eggs for a couple of weeks.  She stopped by and we gave her some food to last a few days that wasn’t sardines or eggs.  They always eat rice no matter what.  Two of her children are our godchildren so I figured I needed to contribute a little bit.  Depending on how long this quarantine lasts, she may have to come back by.

14 Apr:  I posted a house for sale for Larry & Dorie Jackson (no relation).  They have a beautiful house right on the beach that they are selling.  Please check out the page to see the pictures and contact information.  Waterfront Vacation Home for Sale.

I download a lot of movies today, including “The Lion King” (all 3) plus the new version of the original.  I have never seen any of them.  I downloaded them because I figured it’s about time that I did.  I also downloaded 6 of the Lord of the Rings (including 3 of The Hobbit).  I don’t know if that’s all of them, but I’ll try to watch them in order.  Does anyone know the exact order I need to watch them in?

I went by Mango Lounge earlier.  They are still open for take-out only.  Mostly just for the residents of his apartments but he lets a few of us come by and order take out also.  Christian is still sick (but I don’t think it’s the Corona Virus).  He hasn’t been to work in about a week now.  I did see him sitting on his front porch though.

Salamat Y’all

Texan in the Philippines