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As of 1 May 2020

As of 1 May 2020

We found out yesterday that our lock down procedures have been extended until 15 May.  I believe the procedures have been slightly moved more towards the direction of normalcy.  I’ll find out more about that as the days go by.  It doesn’t affect me too much anyway except I need to call someone to get something straightened out but they are not working because of this COVID-19.  I did see a little slack from them this morning when I checked my account but it’s still not where it’s supposed to be.  I still get to go downtown, if I wear my mask.  I still get to go to Mango also.  That’s just about the only places that I ever go anyway except for a trip or 2 now and then to some place different.  But normally, that’s my everyday routine.  I normally only go downtown 1-3 times per month anyway.

I did find a walking partner but we can’t go walking yet.  Well, not together anyway.  He is new here and he is also from Texas.  Unfortunately, I need that other person to keep me motivated.  Being so fat and out of shape should be motivation enough but, at this time, it’s not.  I do know from previous experience that once I get going good, I self-motivate.  The problem is, if the cycle is broken for too long, I end up having to start over and need that motivation from another person again.  I’m looking forward to the walks and it leading to more types of exercise.  We hope to be able to walk downtown and back to begin with.  That will be about a 2-mile walk.  I think I’ll carry my umbrella with me during this walks in case of rain because you never know around here.

Today is 1 May, payday.  I will head downtown sometime this afternoon to get our money and probably end up going to Metro Supermarket also.  Maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow to go to Metro.  That way I get to get out and about twice in 1 week.  I’ll have more on that later, probably in the next post.  I’m just typing things that I can think of right now and will finish it later.

The guy that I will be walking with told me that before he arrived here, he read my blog a lot.  I answered so many questions for him.  He said that I brought up things that he didn’t think of and was able to take care of it ahead of time.  I’m glad to here that.  I try to put even small things in here because you just never know what will help someone.  I hope this blog is helping others.  If it does help you, please let me know in the comment section. 

Speaking of the comment section, I’ve started getting more spam messages recently.  This happened to me before and then it stopped.  I hope it will stop again soon.  I’ll have to see if I can do something to deter them.  They do not get all the way through, but I’ve seen so many of the messages in the past few days.

Okay.  I was able to get quite a bit of information in this post. I will schedule it to be available for y’all to read tomorrow (2 May).  All my adventures this afternoon for getting our money will be in the next post.

Salamat Y’all


  1. Glad you are keeping us up to date. Here in Luzon, I am still under the “enhanced” quarantine rules and thus forbidden to leave the house (because I’m over 65). Staying healthy, though, so I’m happy about that … you do the same.

    • I’m not 65 yet. They have our local restriction set at 60+ but you are allowed to leave under special circumstances for essential needs. It’s kind of difficult to have things to write about when no one is doing much of anything but I’ll keep doing the best I can with what I have.

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